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It’s safe to say that most of us go through fashion phases as we grow up. Our teenage years are a time for experimentation as we learn to find our personal style, while still being heavily influenced by the trends and culture all around us. One very common thing for many young people to do is to dress in a way that rejects cultural and social norms by way of rebellion. We saw it with the hippie movement, we saw it with punk, and we even saw it with the hip-hop influence of the 1990’s. Much of the time teenagers grow out of these phases, and their style develops into something more mature as they get older – but what if this never happened to you? What if you still love dressing like a rockstar, or a punk? There’s nothing wrong with it of course – everyone’s tastes are different, and fashion is a way to express yourself. But as you go through adulthood, certain situations will arise where you may need to tone down your look a little bit – job interviews, weddings, conferences, etc. Plus, you may simply have a desire to put a bit more of a classy twist on your style, without losing any of your individuality. Here are some ways in which you can keep your alternative fashion, but just in a more grown up way.

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Buy clothes that fit well

When we are teenagers, we tend to have very little money, which means the clothes we buy are cheap and often ill-fitting. Being well-dressed as an adult is all about investing in good quality pieces that fit you well, as this shows you have an understanding of both fashion and your body. Certain items of clothing such as jackets and trousers are meant to be tailored, and every woman needs a great-fitting pair of jeans in her closet. Avoid anything too short or too tight – while there’s nothing wrong with showing off your figure, be aware of what just looks cheap.

Be more subtle

When we are in the grip of a teenage phase, we want to make our identity extremely clear – so that people form an opinion of us just by looking at us. When we get older, this need for acceptance isn’t quite as great, so we can afford to be a little more subtle in our look. For example, if you have to wear a conservative outfit for whatever reason, you can add an element of your style in with some gothic jewelry. You can also tone down your makeup too – there’s a time and a place for black lipstick and a heavy smokey eye, and it isn’t past the age of 25! Swap your usual face for a classic cat eye and some dark purple or red lipstick so that you still have a dramatic look you like, but so it’s not quite as forceful.

Mix things up

Got an old band t-shirt from years ago that you still love to this day? Sure, you could shove it on with jeans and sneakers, but this looks a little juvenile. Put a completely different twist on it by pairing it with a black pencil skirt, some heels, and a fancy leather jacket for a funky day to night look. It’s still quirky and alternative, but it shows you’ve grown up, too.

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