How “Maudie” Taught Me Perseverance – Never Give Up on the People You Love

Maudie hits the big screen on July 21st and I couldn’t be more excited!  This movie brings an incredible true story to life in a beautiful and entertaining way.  An arthritic young woman, Maude (Sally Hawkins) leaves home to become a live-in housekeeper for a local fishmonger, Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke).  During her time there, she discovers her hidden talent for painting and her life drastically changes.  People everywhere travel great distances just to buy her incredible paintings, and every wall in her home is covered in colorful artwork and paint.  Amidst her sudden fame, an unlikely love story unfolds right in front of her.  Maude and Everett slowly grow closer, resulting in a cheerful yet understated wedding.  This was such an inspirational film that taught me so many things about perseverance and it’s one of those movies that will make your heart happy.  Here are 5 lessons I learned from Maudie, opening in Kansas City theaters today!

1. Do What Makes You Happy

Life is too short for you to waste your time on things that aren’t enjoyable to you.  Figure out at least one thing that you really love to do and invest all of your time and energy into it.  When you’re doing things that you love, your positivity will shine and you’ll feel much better too.

2. Never Give Up on the People You Love

In life, people are going to disappoint you and there’s no getting around it.  It’s important to always stand by the people that you love, no matter how much they may annoy or disappoint you at times.  If their intentions are good, then you’ll be glad that you gave them a second chance.

3. Don’t Let Your Differences Hold You Back

Even though you might look or talk differently from other people, your differences are the things that define you.  These differences should be embraced and cherished, as you would be like everyone else if you didn’t have your own unique little quirks and personality traits.  Don’t let your differences stop you from achieving your dreams.

4. It Only Takes One Person to Believe in You and Your Dream

One person can change everything.  In this movie particularly, just one woman sees Maude’s paintings and decides to buy a few.  It only took one person to believe in Maude’s talent and put her on the pathway to fame.  All you need to do is find that one person who believes in your dream and go from there!

5. People May Come and Go, But Your Real Friends will Always be There for You

Your true friends will always know how to comfort you when things aren’t going your way.  Although others may start to drift out of your life, your friends will consistently have your back and they’ll be there through thick and thin.  

You definitely do not want to miss this amazing story!  Make sure to see Maudie, opening in Kansas City theaters today!

Check out the official movie website here!

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