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Meet the New Women After Bachelor Matt’s Heart

Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor” has already been filled with a lot of drama, but we are about to get even more! Last Monday, fans of “The Bachelor” were left with a shocking look at the next episode! The Bachelor house is about to get a few new additions, and the competition between the women is going to become even more fierce.

While Bachelor Matt James has many women currently fighting for his attention, he is getting 5 more! Is he about to meet his future wife? Here is the scoop on the 5 new ladies looking to win Matt’s heart!

Bachelor Matt James
Matt James (ABC/Billy Kidd)

Brittany, age 23

Brittany (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Meet Brittany! She is a model from Chicago, Illinois. Newly single, she is looking for a man who is trusting, mature, and fun. She describes herself as a social butterfly who has no time for unnecessary drama. Brittany is a serial monogamist so while she may be young, she says that if she finds the right man she will be ready to get engaged.

Catalina, age 29

Catalina (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Meet Catalina from Cagaus, Puerto Rico. Catalina was born in South America, raised on a small island in the Caribbean, and she has also lived in New York City. She is even a former Miss Puerto Rico!

As a fan of rom-coms, she is looking to find her Prince Charming, who is always up for an adventure! Catalina says, “To me, life is amazing and I am indeed very goal-driven, but no accomplishment is of much value if I don’t have the one to share it with.”

Kim, age 28

Kim (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Meet Kim. She is a true hero! She is an ICU nurse who’s spent the last year fighting COVID-19. While Kim may seem shy, this Los Angeles girl loves to dance, play pool, and have fun! Kim is a confident woman who needs a man who won’t be intimidated by her successful career. Will Matt James be the man for her?

Michelle, age 27

Michelle (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Meet Michelle from Edina, Minnesota! She is a former Division I basketball player who now works as an elementary teacher. Michelle encourages her students to be future community leaders, and hopes to find a man she can change the world with.

Also, she likes to spend her free time wine-tasting and hiking. Michelle says that she is a compassionate, loving, and supportive partner, and she hopes that she and Matt can fall in love and change the world.

Ryan, age 26

Ryan (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Meet Ryan a dancer/choreographer from Brooklyn, New York! Just like in dance, Ryan is looking for great chemistry between her and her partner, and also wants a man with a kind heart. She pushes herself and others to succeed, and tries to embody Wonder Woman in her daily life. Since Ryan plans to only get married once, fans will have to see if Matt James is the partner Ryan has been waiting for!

Do you think one of these women will steal Matt James’ heart? Bachelor Nation fans will just have to wait and see.

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