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Metal Lords Review: High School Rejects Finding Their Way

What do you get when you combine 3 social outcasts each with musical talent and a dream to finally belong to something? A tell-tale story of exactly that premise. Metal Lords perfectly depicts high school outcasts who bring their dreams to life.

Here’s the scoop on Metal Lords!

Star-Studded Cast

metal lords
Credit: Netflix

Metal Lords is your classic high school dramedy with stars you may be familiar with such as Jaeden Martell who’s had a reoccurring role in the classic horror film ‘It’, and Joe Manganiello who plays Dr. Troy Nix. Brett Gelman who plays Dr. Sylvester is who you’ve most likely seen on the hit series Stranger Things. With this star-studded cast, the Netflix film held high anticipation for a great premise throughout its entire run time.


The film opens with the immediate introduction of the two main characters, Kevin played by Martell, and Hunter played by Adrian Greensmith. In the movie, the two are best friends with a passionate love for music tying them together. Although their love for music is shared, the type of music they love is on the complete opposite ends of the genre spectrum. Kevin plays the drums in his school’s marching band, while vocalist Hunter is a diehard metalhead with a hankering for guitar playing and other things punk.

Not only do the two best friends share an interest in music, but they also find themselves at the absolute bottom of the social hierarchy.

More Than Meets The Eye

Emily and Kevin
METAL LORDS (2022) Jaeden Martell as Kevin. Cr: Scott Patrick Green/NETFLIX

Although they possess different traits, both characters experience the outcast lifestyle at their high school, Kevin a band nerd, and Hunter a reject who is continuously bullied. Hunter’s strong desire to start his band quickly involves Kevin who takes up heavy metal drumming. Both boys want to finally prove to the school that they are so much more than social rejects.

As Kevin’s made aware of Hunter’s desperation for a triple member to complete their band, he informs Kevin of a clarinet player named Emily (Isis Hainsworth) in his school band. His offering is partially influenced by raging teenage hormones that have him intrigued and fond of Emily. As Metal Lords progresses, the two are informed by Clay, the lead singer of a band playing at a party, that there will be a “Battle of The Bands” competition.

Bumps in the Road

Kevin and Hunter in Metal Lords
METAL LORDS (2022) Adrian Greensmith as Hunter and Jaeden Martell as Kevin. Cr: Scott Patrick Green/NETFLIX

Clay informs them that this competition will surely flex which band is better than the other (a challenge Hunter immediately accepts). In the climax, common themes faced in high school films like insecurity, jealousy, and isolation start to challenge Kevin and Hunter’s friendship.

The duo starts facing more problems as Kevin becomes closer to Emily after one night. The two slowly develop a romantic connection which causes Hunter to act out due to jealousy.

Crumbling Under Pressure

METAL LORDS (2022) Adrian Greensmith as Hunter. Cr: Scott Patrick Green/NETFLIX

In what seems like a final hoorah, Hunter instigates Emily by yelling in the middle of class to stay away from Kevin. He triggers Emily’s very known anger issues. What triggers the impending fallout between Kevin and Hunter is Hunter’s ultimate act of hate towards Emily, which causes the two friends to end their friendship.

Hunters’ last effort of self-sabotage is his full metamorphosis into his desired punk rock self. As Hunter sets out to find Kevin and apologize for his behavior. He doesn’t get far on his venture when confronted by the police.

The Band Lives On

Emily and Hunter
METAL LORDS (2022) Adrian Greensmith as Hunter. Cr: Scott Patrick Green/NETFLIX

Kevin and Hunter amicably make up, with Kevin realizing that he wouldn’t have paid attention to Emily if it wasn’t for Hunter. After the reunion the duo finally is ready for their live performance, still feeling the absence of a bassist. Then suddenly Emily appears in front of them in a full punk rock attire to shred the guitar on stage. The newly formed band plays to their hearts’ content.

Final Thoughts

While this movie doesn’t shy away from the classic theme of ‘high school rejects finding their way’ it doesn’t live up to its’ hype due to the dialogue being kept at a very surface-level pace. The almost two-hour film covers topics such as social rejections, bullying, young love, friendship fallout, and struggling to belong somewhere.

Although this movie was lackluster compared to other musical dramas, the pace was subsequently timed and remained interesting with a decent script. The best part was the soundtrack of classic 90s and 2000s rock songs. Including but not limited to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pantera, and so many others.

Hope you enjoy our review on Metal Lords!

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