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Michael Campion Shares The Scoop On All Things “Fuller House” and What’s Next For Him

Michael Campion has already been building up quite an impressive acting resume at such a young age, but this is only the beginning. He is best known for his role as Jackson on Netflix’s “Fuller House”, but has been acting since he was twelve.

The Sarah Scoop Show enjoyed hearing from the talented and It was magical (pun intended) to talk to Michael about his time on “Fuller House”, growing up in an entertainment family, his love for magic and what’s up next for him. Check it out:

Michael told us that he feels like playing Jackson is just playing a heightened version of himself:

“Every time I go out on stage, I feel like I’m kind of me. I’m kind of like a heightened version of me because Jackson’s very clumsy, he doesn’t really know what’s going on most of the time…and I feel like that’s really me, but it’s just kinda the sitcom version of me. So, I get to play myself and it’s so much fun. And I get to work with an amazing cast. It’s honestly the healthiest set I have every been on in my life. It’s amazing.”

– Michael Campion

Michael spoke lovingly about his fellow Fuller House cast members:

“Honestly, at this point, we’re all pretty much a family. Like a legitimate family. I would consider them my second family. In fact, today, I was just texting all of them in my big Fuller House group chat…Working with them was…I mean, I don’t think amazing is the right word. It’s just so far beyond that because there are some shows that you watch and you’re like, ‘wow, they have really good chemistry’. We’re like a step above that because they’ve been together 30 years and now we’re coming in and we’re just integrated right in the show. It was beautiful…They were so inclusive with everything.”

– Michael Campion

This onscreen family has been touching hearts for decades and the addition of Michael and his fellow younger cast members made the family bigger and better. Audiences adored laughing, learning, and loving alongside the Tanner family for so many years. Michael’s character brought plenty of hijinks that fans have come to know and love from a house that full. In fact, the younger generation of Fuller House actors have grown up right in front of fans’ eyes.

The star told us that he has been performing since he was five years old and doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t acting:

“I’ve been acting since I was five…Fuller House, it’s been my biggest role so far. I’ve done a lot smaller feature films when I was like twelve. And then my very first feature film, I was nine. Before that I did a lot of plays…I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t doing some kind of acting thing, but this is like the first iconic role.”

Michael has been putting in hard work for a long time and it is definitely paying off! We are sure that Jackson is just one of many iconic roles that he will get to play and fans will love throughout his long and successful career.

Michael gave us the scoop on his favorite parts about playing the role of Jackson:

“My favorite part definitely is how goofy Jackson is all the time. I get to do lots of stupid things, I get to say lots of stupid lines… I’d say that I have some of the funnier lines next to Jimmy and Fernando because they are kinda like goofy characters too. It’s just so fun. I get to do a lot of gags, a lot of pranks, it’s amazing.”

– Michael Campion

Not only does Michael play the role well, it sounds like he has a ton of fun while doing it! For all the hilarious moments that keep audiences laughing, Michael’s character has plenty of heartfelt moments that melt fans’ hearts too.

Michael told us about what he’s been up to since Fuller House ended:

“Now that Fuller House is over, actually, I just did a really cool thing! December, like Winter Break, there was this play that I got to play the prince in Snow White and that was like a nice little transition down from Fuller House back into reality. And now I’m going back at it, you know, now we’re auditioning again. So, it’s a good time.”

– Michael Campion

We can’t wait to see what’s next for him! He’s got tons of talent and plenty of time for a long list of amazing projects.

The star’s not-so-secret talent is magic and he has put in a lot of work to perfect his craft:

“Anyone who lives in LA probably knows about a place called The Magic Castle. It’s this establishment where magicians go, you can see them perform. It’s really, really hard to get accepted into that ‘inner circle’ is what they call it. You have to audition, you have to do all this crazy stuff. I actually got into their junior program in October of 2018 and then I’ve been performing there ever since. I’ve been performing magic since I was eight, so this has been just the next level step for me, it’s been great.”

– Michael Campion

As if he needed another talent, Michael knows an impressive array of magic tricks that keep everyone entertained. His family’s background in entertainment has resulted in a multi-faceted guy who is passionate about not just acting, but magic too. Even his hobbies are cool!

The star told us about some of the perks of landing his role on Fuller House and the success of his acting career in general:

“It’s really fun to make people’s day when they watch the show or like if they recognize me, I get to be that magical part of the day. I think that’s really fun. Now, I have more influence to, you know, help people and charities…that’s really been important to me. But I also, now, get to do bigger acting roles and stuff. It’s great!”

– Michael Campion

Michael told us about the simple Christmas gift that is responsible for his love for magic:

“So, very fun story: my aunt and uncle used to be professional clowns for Ringling Brothers Circus. They always got me crazy stuff, like stupid little gag gifts…For Christmas, they got me a magic kit and I just fell in love. I started doing it for a long time. I kinda took a break after Fuller House started, but then I got right back into it again just a few years after…It’s been kind of deeply engraved in my heart ever since.”

– Michael Campion

What started as Christmas gift has now gotten him acceptance into LA’s elite magic community where he gets to hone his craft even more. It just goes to show that passion, ambition and some hard work go a long way.

Michael told us about growing up near Disney World and the perks of having a mom who worked in the entertainment industry:

“Yeah, so I grew up in Orlando, Florida. I’m kind of partially moved out to LA right now. Hopefully, I’ll be moved out by the time I turn 18, which will be in just three months. I always got to go to Disney, you know, whenever I wanted, she had free passes, so that was just the best childhood ever.”

– Michael Campion

That sounds like the best kind of childhood ever! We all wish Disney world was in our backyard! We can’t wait to see all the roles that comes Michael’s way when he moves out to LA full time.

The star told gave us the inside scoop on what it’s like to film in front of a live audience:

“Tuesday, Wednesday would be rehearsal. Thursday would be kind of pre-shooting everything that we couldn’t show to the audience and then, Friday would be doing it. It’s like being on stage, like you’re doing a play, it’s almost what it’s like because you have an audience and they’re laughing and interacting with you and you get that energy back. Then, it fuels your acting, it’s this feedback loop where your performance just gets better every time. Plus, I love our stand-up guy who warms the audience up and keeps them entertained. He’s amazing. I’ll talk to him, I’ll go up to the audience, we’ll have some laughs, we’ll say jokes and it’s just overall the healthiest, most adrenaline-pumping…In short, it was great.”

– Michael Campion

Michael gave some practical advice to people who want to get into the acting world:

“I was very blessed to have all the variables line up and that does not happen all the time. It really doesn’t. I know a lot of kids who are very passionate about acting and they don’t have the time or the resources to go out to LA or whatnot. My suggestion, if I was in that position, first of all, I’d be taking as many acting classes as I could. I’d be doing school plays, those are so important. That’s how I got started in school plays and community theater. That just teaches you so much like real practical experience. If you’re truly serious about acting, it takes a big commitment.”

– Michael Campion

Pursuing anything as a career is a big commitment and acting is no different. Michael gave some encouragement to those who want to pursue a career in entertainment:

“I haven’t been able to go to school and have like normal friends. I’ve had to be in this professional environment. I know for a lot of kids, once they actually get out of school, they start to move out to LA on a very low budget and good for them. They’re really putting themselves out there, but like I said, it’s a commitment. So, if you wanna do it, just know that is what it’s going to take. I know that’s not the most practical advice, but you need that mindset to actually, know you, do it…It just takes so much dedication to your craft. I think if you put your craft before everything; before wanting to be famous, before wanting to be out in LA, that’s gonna drive you forward so far because people are gonna see that and then, they’re going to give you opportunities because of that. “

– Michael Campion

Michael pointed out how important it is to have the right goals and be in the right mindset when trying to make it in the acting world. It’s not about being famous or living in Hollywood, it’s about doing what you love and doing it well. Practice makes perfect in every part of life and the craft of acting is no different.

He is looking forward to more dramatic roles and feature films in the future:

“I would love to start doing more dramatic roles and stuff because that’s always been my strong suit. I felt like I kinda had to learn the comedic side. I’ve always had comedic timing, but being in Fuller House really strengthened that side. Now I kinda want to show the other side too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some feature films, you know, I’m holding onto that. I miss doing movies. I feel like that would be a nice change of pace for me.”

– Michael Campion

After starring in a successful television sit-com, Michael is ready to head back into the world of movies. We can’t wait to see where he will go next, but we sure will miss him on the beloved Netflix show.

Michael Campion has been putting in the hard work for many years and he has the acting chops to prove it. Fans adored his character in “Fuller House” and while we will miss seeing all of Jackson’s goofy antics on the show, we can’t wait to see what’s up next for Michael. He’s got a bright future ahead of him and we will definitely be keeping up!

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