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Mistakes Women Make When Dressing for a Wedding

We are now at the height of wedding season. It means that you will have several weddings coming up attend. Therefore, you need to get a great outfit that you can wear for the big day. However, it’s easy to make mistakes when choosing a beautiful outfit. Here are some surprising errors women make when choosing their wedding guest outfit that you need to avoid!


They don’t consider the weather

You need to make sure you are checking what the weather will be like before heading to the shops to buy your outfit. You don’t want to choose a sleeveless dress for the wedding and then shiver through the service! But you don’t want to layer up and then be too hot during the day. After all, sweat marks are never a good look! Therefore, always check the weather before you go. Also, you should be dressing for the season for the upcoming wedding. For example, in the summer months, you should go for colors such as peach to show off your gorgeous tan. You can also wear a pair of wedges in the summer months; just make sure you paint your nails! You can read my previous blog on choosing perfect summer guest attire.

They don’t think about the venue

A lot of women don’t consider the venue when choosing their wedding guest outfit. But it’s so important to ensure you dress appropriately for the location. You don’t want to dress too casually at one of the most elegant wedding venues! Therefore, you should always check the invite and look online to find out more about the venue. Also, if it’s a religious ceremony, you will need to cover your arms for the ceremony. Therefore, you will need to take a cover up with you for the service.

They choose white

It’s one of the golden rules of weddings that you should never wear white at a wedding. After all, you don’t want to overshadow the bride by choosing the same color as her dress. And getting confused as the bride will be embarrassing. Therefore, stay away from white for the wedding.

They don’t accessorize well

A wedding is a great chance to wear some unique accessories. But a lot of women go wrong by choosing too many accessories. You should just pick just a couple to help give your outfit some sass. For example, you may want a lovely necklace and a fascinator to update your look. Make sure you choose colors that don’t clash as they could then ruin your overall look!

They don’t bring a pair of flats with them

We all love to get the heels out to wear for the wedding of the year. But after a few hours, your feet are going to kill. You have to stand around while the bride and groom take photos which can feel like forever when your feet start to get sore. And then it will ruin the dancing in the evening as your feet will be too sore. Therefore, you need to ensure you take some flats with you to change into for the evening.

Remember always to check what everyone else is wearing. You don’t want to turn up in the same outfit as your friend!

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