Monica and Chandler are the Real Lobsters of “Friends”

Every Friends fan dreams of finding their lobster. According to Phoebe, lobsters mate for life and hold claws in the tank. Phoebe uses this metaphor to describe Ross and Rachel. However, I think the phrase applies more to Chandler and Monica. Let’s go over the reasons why Monica and Chandler are each other’s lobsters.

1. They support one another’s careers

Ross gets jealous of Rachel when she gets a job in fashion, and the two break up over it. In contrast, Monica and Chandler manage to balance their work and relationship. Monica tells Chandler that her values go, “Old job, new job, then you.” When she decides not to go to Tulsa with him so she can take a job in New York, Chandler respects her decision. Also, Monica supports Chandler when he quits and helps him find a job that he likes.

2. They’re committed to each other

Chandler doesn’t have many long-lasting relationships due to his fear of commitment. But when he and Monica start dating, the two stay together. The strength of their relationship is especially evident when they struggle to conceive. His monologue about Monica being a mother without a baby to Erica always brings me to tears. Chandler promises Erica that he’ll learn to be a good father, and we know he will.

3. Monica loosens up because of Chandler

Monica isn’t the most easygoing person and can be a bit of a perfectionist. However, Chandler brings out the silly side of her. In the flashback thanksgiving episode, Monica makes Chandler feel better by putting the turkey on her head and dancing. She must really love Chandler because Monica hates it when people play with their food.

4. My soulmate, my prince, and my friend

Instead of having a will-they-wont-they relationship, Monica and Chandler’s romance never fizzles out. Monica, in her vows, says that she found everything she was looking for in Chandler. He’s not only her soulmate, but he’s also one of her best friends. They prove that some of the best relationships are based on friendship.

5. They dream of a life together

Monica wants the wedding of her dreams but has a hard time affording it. However, Chandler says they can use his savings for the wedding. Chandler then starts describing what he wanted to do with the money, like getting a house, a cat, and kids with Monica. Because of this, Monica ends up turning down the cash. She’d rather have a life with Chandler than a perfect wedding.

6. They accept each other’s faults

When Monica tries to prove that she’s not high maintenance, she fails. While this personality trait can be a problem sometimes, it’s not an issue for Chandler. He thinks they balance each other out really well. He tells her, “I like maintaining you.” They both like taking care of one another and accept their strengths and faults.

7. Cuddling…so much cuddling.

Ok, has anyone else noticed how much they cuddled even before they were together? Monica and Chandler often share a chair or cozy up to each other at the coffee house. All the friends are affectionate with one another, but they take the cake. One of my favorite moments is in the flashback episode when Monica and Chandler hug and can’t seem to let go. Chandler says that’s because her towel is so soft, but we know there’s more to it than that.

8. Chandler loves her no matter what

Monica runs into Chandler’s childhood girlfriend, who he broke up with because she gained weight. Monica worries about Chandler’s feelings for her changing if she ever gains back her weight. However, Chandler assures her that no matter her size, he’ll love her. Even if she were a few inches tall, he’d carry her around in his pocket. In the alternate universe episode, they still end up falling in love!

9. They make a pact

Back in season one, Monica is jealous when she sees a couple taking home twins from the hospital. Chandler promises Monica that if neither of them has a kid when they’re forty, they’ll get together and have one. While Monica is offended that Chandler doesn’t think she’ll be married by then, his idea was sweet. Watching this moment foreshadows them getting together in the future. They even end up adopting twins in the finale!

10. Because of the jellyfish incident

Ok, this may sound like a weird reason, but I promise it has merit! When Monica gets stung by a jellyfish, Chandler is the one who pees on her injury to help relieve her pain. During the whole beach trip, Chandler was trying to convince Monica that he’s boyfriend material. Monica states that he’s a great guy, but he’ll always be the guy that peed on her to her. The fact that she ends up marrying Chandler despite this awkward memory shows that they must love each other a lot.

While Ross and Rachel are the more famous couple, it’s Chandler and Monica who are the real lobsters of Friends. What’s one of your favorite moments between Monica and Chandler? Tell us in the comments!

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