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In theaters, October 21st, the film Moonlight has exceeded my expectations! Before arriving at the theater I had read various articles stating the main points of the movie; a young black child struggling with a drug-addict mom and an identity crisis. It seemed like a compelling story but it was more than that. I felt every emotion from fear to sadness to happiness.

I learned a lot from this movie. High school is a tough time for many kids but especially for those struggling against bullying and trying to find themselves. The main character Chiron’s struggles remind us to stay true to ourselves even in difficult times.

Critics have been speculating Moonlight could possibly be up for Academy Awards Best Picture; from what I saw I completely agree. The unique storyline and plot drew me in and I felt connected to the main character from the first scene.

If you love intense, meaningful movies and you are okay shedding a few tears definitely grab your friends and head to Moonlight. It touches on such a deep subject and has a great message. I had a blast seeing this movie!

Check out the official trailer below:

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