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Top 10 Most Bizarre Jobs Featured On The Bachelor and Bachelorette

Every time I watch the season premiere of the bachelor or bachelorette, I am blown away by the job titles contestants come up with. There seems to be a lot of people looking for love, but not a job. Check out the most bizarre careers ever featured on The Bachelor or Bachelorette.

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Haley and Emily

On Ben’s season of The Bachelor these identical twins listed their occupations as just that, twins. Although this is a biological fact, it surely cannot be what they do for a living. I wish getting a job was as easy as being born with it.


Dubbed as “tickele monster” from Rachel’s season, this guy’s job turned from a little strange to totally creepy. A couple episodes into his season he pulled out giant hands to tickle Rachel with.


Who could forget Whaboom? Lucas Yancey from Rachel Lindsay’s season listed Whaboom as not only his job but ultimately made it a personality trait. Not long into the season, Whaboom went from amusing to quite annoying, and Rachel sent him home.


From the most recent Bachelor season, Heather Martin’s occupation was an interesting one. In her introduction, she revealed she had never shared a kiss with anyone. This ended up being her job title as well.


Evan Bass, originally from Jojo’s season, listed his occupation as Erectile Dysfunction Specialist. He would have saved a lot of embarrassment had he just said he was a health professional. 


Who could forget Alexis from Nick’s season? After showing up in a shark costume, but insisting it was a dolphin it was shown that her job title was aspiring dolphin trainer. A lot was explained by her occupation, but we’re still confused about the costume. 


Also from JoJo’s season, Daniel Maguire decided his nationality of Canadian was more than just that. He listed being Canadian as his job title as well. And he proved to be very proud of where he is from during his time on the show.


Tiara from Chris’s season had an interesting job title as well, as her’s was listed as “chicken enthusiast”. Turns out she has chickens as pets, and they even live with her!


Tara from Chris Soules’s season also was listed as an enthusiast. However, Tara is enthusiastic about sports fishing. An odd job, but aren’t they all?


Kelly’s occupation was listed as a dog lover, and all I have to say about that one is, me too girl. If only there was a way to make that an actual job.

Although these contestants all need to list something like their job title to be introduced to the audience, some of these job titles are a little bit far fetched. Some of them are funny, but some are just bizarre.

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