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Top 10 Most Stylish Disney Characters

Disney movies have given us our favorite heroes and villains – but also some incredible fashion icons! However, style isn’t just about the puffiest princess dress (although we do love those!) There are so many underrated fashionistas in the Disney movies that deserve a little love. We looked at all the animated ladies, gents, and even animals that are serving serious looks.

Here’s the top ten most stylish Disney characters!

Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians

(Disney Wiki)

Cruel but cool, this villain is downright horrible. But she’s definitely not horrible at dressing herself. Cruella de Vil never leaves the house without looking fabulous. She has long red gloves, a large fur coat, bodycon black dress, and aqua earrings and ring- and the two-toned black and white hair that’s so trendy now! You might not like her morals, but it’s easy to admire Cruella’s style.

Jane Porter – Tarzan

(Disney Style)

Even though she lives in the jungle, her fashion is anything but wild. Jane Porter has a sophisticated, refined sense of style in the Tarzan movies even when she’s studying apes. She starts off in her beautiful big yellow poofy dress, with gloves and heels, then tones it down to simpler shirts and long skirts in gorgeous earth tones. Jane’s style changes a lot throughout the movie, but she remains the fashion queen of the jungle.

Miss Bianca – The Rescuers

(Disney Style)

It’s safe to say this mouse dresses better than all of us. Miss Bianca is not only an ambassador for the Rescue Aid Society, she’s also a fashion icon. Her style is sophisticated, classy, and elegant – just like her. She always matches her hat to her coat, and her outfits are usually monochromatic. Thank you Bianca, for rescuing children, and serving looks.

Honey Lemon – Big Hero 6

Chemical engineering – but make it fashion. Honey Lemon is a passionate brainiac whose style is anything but boring. She loves funky bright colors in both her school clothes and superhero outfits. Probably the best thing about Honey Lemon is her giant pink glasses. It’s nice to see some bad vision representation onscreen!

Jasmine – Aladdin

Princess Jasmine has been bold in her fashion from the beginning. Her style is an extension of her confident and independent personality. Straying from the other princesses’ ballgowns, she wears an off the shoulder top with matching puffy turquoise pants. How does Jasmine make wearing a brown cloak look like the cover of Vogue? Her accessories are also amazing from her ponytail to her little slippers.

Prince Naveen – Princess and the Frog

Green never looked so good. Prince Naveen of Maldonia is charming, romantic, and certainly a very fashionable guy. Wherever Maldonia is, they know how to dress. Although he looks great in the green formal fit and tights, he looks even better in the casual “civilian” outfit. The rolled up sleeves, orange tie, and paperboy hat make him a standout among Disney princes.

Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Oh darling, Edna Mode stays slaying the game with her iconic round glasses. A fashion designer herself, she not only creates incredible outfits for heroes, the costumes also have to match each individual superpower. She is on another level, completely. Fashion is her middle name- well technically her last name. Mode literally means fashion in German. She was born to be one of the most stylish Disney characters.

Elsa – Frozen

Cinderella had the original dress transformation, but dare I say Elsa did it better? I do dare. Using MAGICAL powers, she basically creates a whole new dress and cape out of ice and snow. She has the perfect braid that is somehow messy but elegant, and is the coolest girl in Arendelle. Even though an icy blue looks stunning on her, we love the warmth she’s giving off in her green dress from Frozen Fever. With the second Frozen movie coming out soon, we can’t wait to see what looks she creates!

Jafar – Aladdin

That’s right, TWO Aladdin characters have made my list, and neither of them are Aladdin. I’m not sorry, because Jafar is one of the best dressed Disney men. He’s an icon with his shoulder pads, fancy hat, long black robe and hot red accents. His powerful look is further solidified by mysteriously twisty facial hair, which is a choice. They tell you to dress for the job you want, and he definitely dresses like an evil ruler, so we gotta give him credit.

Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz – Aristocats


Did I put a bunch of cats in my list? Yes, yes I did. The Aristocats are a family of house cats that live in a mansion with a rich old woman. They’re impeccably dressed pets, with each of the three kittens sporting colorful bows and ribbons. Duchess, the mother cat, wears an elegant jeweled collar instead of something basic from Petco. These cats are the best looking pets on the block, and they know it too.

To be fair, most Disney characters have an excellent sense of style – BUT we had to narrow it down to fashion icons ONLY. These men and women deserve some love, because they’re out there doing the absolute most when it comes to getting dressed. Thanks for reading our top ten most stylish Disney characters!

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