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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – The Best Gifts Mom Actually Wants This Year

What are you supposed to get for the woman who deserves an island named after her but all you can afford is a Starbucks with her name on it? Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I have the scoop on totally awesome gifts your mom will love. Moms rule and they need to know it. Show it by getting one of the gifts listed.

Grateful Tee

fitlosophy is back at it again with this comfy tee! Moms can wake up refreshed and comfortable in this loosely-fit, cozy tee. Sleeping well will be much easier and Mom will be one step closer to achieving her goals for the day. With the rolled up sleeves and loose fit, she can wake up and brunch or hit the gym! Pair it with jeans or leggings and it is the perfect tee for any occasion.

Get it here

Noteable Journal Collections

Where would we be without mom and all her brilliance? She is a brilliant woman and we all know it, so give her a place to write it down! In the fitlosophy Noteable Journal Collection, there are two types of pages: dot-grid pages on the left and lined pages on the right. This way, the journals are versatile for moms. They can write down ideas, grocery lists, goals, schedules or whatever they need to keep track of! Check out these journals on Amazon or fitlosophy’s website. Maybe even get your mom a cool pen to write with, in her new journal 😉

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Hair Tools

Andis Professional Series Curved Edge Flat Iron, 1-Inch

Your mom will love styling her hair with this professional-style flat iron! She can straighten her hair without dents or achieve smooth curls, waves and even flips due to the curved plates on this flat iron! Mom will be able to effortlessly create multiple styles with just one tool. This tool is so awesome you’ll be wanting one for yourself!

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Andis Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

Blowing drying hair can be hard but with this hair dryer, mom’s day will be a breeze! The Andis Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer is the perfect tool for busy ladies. It comes with three different attachments and works better than other hair dryers because it breaks up the pesky water molecules that stick in your hair! The multi-functional tool with de-tangle, dry and style her hair at the same time. What more could she ask for? This tool is definitely going to get rid of “morning prep stress.”

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Andis High Heat Ceramic Professional Heat Styling Brush

Why not kill two birds with one stone and brush while styling your hair? Now your mom can! With this awesome high-heat styling brush she can brush through any style of hair and style it while brushing with the heat! This tool is the perfect choice for boosting volume and creating silky, voluminous hair that will last all day and night. After using this tool your mom’s hair will have the ultimate shine and body.

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Is your mom always cleaning and can’t seem to catch a break? If that sounds like your mom, then the Shark ION ROBOT is the perfect gift for her! Now she kick back and relax while the Shark robot technology does the vacuuming for her. The Shark ION ROBOT comes with a self-cleaning brushroll that can capture short and long hair, dust and dander! Even better, it has WiFi connectivity, voice control and its own app! It also docks and rechargers automatically… she won’t have to lift a finger to control this thing. All the time she used to spend cleaning can now be spent with her loving family 😉

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Waggish:Dogs Smiling for Dog Reasons

This book is perfect for dog-loving moms! It is filled with smiling dogs portraits paired with hilarious captions about why they are smiling. The amazing series of photos in the book are captured by renowned animal photographer Grace Chon. Her images have made her the go-to pet photographer of Hollywood’s top celebrities! The photos are paired with hilarious captions from writer Melanie Monterio, so we can get a look at what the dogs are really thinking. This dog-filled book is the perfect gift for dog lovers everywhere!

Get it here

Glitter Art Set

What better gift for moms than a glitter art set? Now she can relax by making DIY crafts! This kit comes with 26 extra fine sparkling glitters, 1 glitter glue and 1 brush… basically everything you need to start crafting ASAP! If your mom isn’t a crafter, this is the perfect set to get her started. This glitter art set will add amazing sparkle and shimmer to all of her projects whether it is a Christmas ornament, birthday decorations, homemade candle holders or Valentine’s cards. She could even use it for children’s activities such as homemade slime, school projects or scrapbooking. Glitter can be used for any – and- everything and this is the perfect set use. Your mom won’t be disappointed unwrapping this shimmery kit on Mother’s Day!

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Alacran Cristal Tequila

Mom will love creating cocktails and tasty meals with Alacran Cristal Tequila! The tequila uses agaves from 7-10 years old harvested in the highlands of Jalisco.

It is then matured for 14 months in American Oak barrels from bourbon generating a rich, woody flavor with a hint of vanilla. Each bottle is then hand labeled and numbered. Your mom will love this tequila because it is smooth, delicious and without a sting, like other tequilas.

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Now your mom can feel at ease when it comes to cooking with this HotLogic cooking appliance. This product provides an entirely effortless way to cook, reheat and keep food warm. She can use this product at work, at home or on-the-go!

If she likes the idea of a slow cooker, then she will love this… HotLogic slow-cooks food to perfection in its insulated tote for ease of portability. All your mom has to do is plug it in and food will be taken from cold or frozen to eating temperature in about two hours and can keep warm for 12.

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KIND Protein

Moms are constantly on the go and sometimes forget to refuel. If this sounds like your mom, KIND Protein is the perfect gift for her. They are protein bars packed with 12 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and made with real ingredients like peanuts and almonds.

Now she can toss a few KIND Protein bars in purse and be fueled for her busy day. This Mother’s Day, sign your mom up for the KIND’s Snack Club. She can pick her favorite snacks and the frequency she receives them, discounts and early access to their newest products! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Check out more flavors and options here.

Learn more about protein bars!

Swiss Army Jacket

Your mom deserves a stylish gift for a stylish gal. Snag one of these cute swiss army jackets just in time for Mother’s Day and spring! The jacket is perfect to pair with dresses, jeans or skirts. Mom will love it because it’s versatile and comfortable. It’s 100% cotton and allows for cinching at the waist with the drawstring. Mom will love that you were thinking of her closet, rather than your own 😉 And hey, maybe she will let you borrow it!

Get it here

Dee Dee Dress

With this elegant dress, mom is bound to feel like a movie star. She can wear it for any occasion! It features length but is also cut in a way to show off pre and post pregnancy curves. The dress is soft, glam and absolutely comfortable. With 5% spandex in the fabric, mom won’t feel constricted while she looks fab. This dress is feel good friendly for sure.

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Maxi Cardigan (French Terry)

Mom can never have too many cardigans! This is a perfect cardigan to add to her collection. It is a great go-to “pop on and go” sweater. The maxi cardigan will keep her warm and chic at the same time. She can dress it up or dress it down, either way, this maxi cardigan is a must. It comes in multiple colors so you can choose which color is best for your mom!

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Limited Edition – Mother’s Day Metalux

We all know moms love photos and that we have a million photos sitting on our camera rolls or cellphones. MyPhoto is a new way to get those photos from your screens and into frames, in a way your mom will love! All you have to do is send your favorite photos to and then you will receive an email with your photos displayed on for you to choose from! It’s so quick and easy that once you see how much mom loves her framed photo, she will want to learn how to do it herself! All you have to do is email your photos and MyPhoto does all the rest. For Mother’s Day, you can get a limited edition frame with a Mother’s Day saying!

Get it here

Stasher Bags

These bags are perfect for the “green” mom. They are a unique, reusable bags with an air-tight seal that helps keep food fresher and longer. Your mom can say goodbye to buying endless amounts of ziplock bags and say hello to the awesome stasher bags! These bags can be used to cook, steam, bake and freeze her food! You may want to get one in every size and color because your mom will love how practical this gift is. Stasher can be used thousands of time because they are durable and 100% plastic-free.

Get them here

Sink Safe

Does your mom always do dishes or have her hands in the kitchen? The Sink Safe can protect your mom while she does the dishes or preps meals by acting as a storage house for knives. This knife caddy provides a convenient place to store kitchen knives, out of the way, between cooking and clean-up. It also sets in the sink so the knives conveniently get washed as the sink is filled with water and soap! The Sink Safe protects your mom and the knives. Your mom will thank you.

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Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap

Calling all baker moms! The Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap is a pan that will make her cheesecake baking days much more simple. The wrap eliminates the concern of water leaking into the batter and ruining her dessert. It will also contain any batter leaks that could drip into your oven and create a burnt mess. She will love how easy this makes her baking process.

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Your mom will love this product! I’m sure your mom drives all over town and doesn’t have time for car problems. With the FIXD sensor, your mom will never question another car problem. All she has to do is place the sensor on her car’s OBD-II port when the check engine light is on and it will tell her, in a way she can understand, what is wrong. She will no longer have to flip through the car manual to figure out the issue!

Get it here

3 Inch Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

We all cherish sleep, but moms cherish their sleep the most, and deserve it! She will love this delightful mattress topper to add to her bed. The copper in the memory foam allows heat to be transferred away from the body, so no more midnight sweats. Copper also improves blood circulation, has excellent antimicrobial effects and can fight against bacteria. After a long day of working or hauling kids around, she will be ecstatic to return to this comfortable mattress!


Petsies are a great gift for those pet-loving moms out there. Petsies are customizable stuffed animals! You can create a stuffed, plush animal for your mom that looks just like her real pet. How adorable, right?! Now she will always have a replica of her favorite furry friend. Petsies specialize in all sorts of pets from big to small and any type, from dogs, cats, horses, rats and birds. Whether your mom travels a lot, has lost her favorite pet or just needs a cute reminder of how adorable her pet is, Petsies are the perfect way to go!

Create your own here

My list is jam-packed with brilliant Mother’s Day gift ideas. They are perfect for moms everywhere. Hopefully, you found the perfect gift that she is going to love! Happy *early* Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. 🙂

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