MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ – Couples Who Have Survived

MTV is notorious for its drama and reality TV, and it has one show all about finding love. Mix those things together and there’s sure to be some big moments. However, does anyone ever really survive? These are the couples from Are You the One?’s seven seasons that are still together. 

Season 1

The longest standing couple from MTV’s love quest franchise is Amber and Ethan. Ethan even proposed to Amber on their season’s reunion show. From Are You the One?’s first season, the couple has since gotten married and had two daughters. And fun fact they are the only ‘perfect match’ to every survive the series.


Season 2

Jenni and Curtis from season two have also survived after all this time. Despite not being a ‘perfect match’ or really that into each other at all on the show, these two lovebirds reconnected after production wrapped and have been dating ever since. Both of their Instagram’s are flooded with cute snaps and sweet messages to each other. 


Season 3

Season three’s only surviving couple is Hannah and Zak. Although also a confirmed ‘no match’, this couple was determined to be together. They decided they didn’t need the matchmakers after it was determined on the last episode that Hannah and Zak were not meant to be. They began dating after their season and have been ever since. Hannah and Zak even run a YouTube vlog channel together. 


Season 4 

From season four we have Julia and Stephen. Despite never getting a ‘truth booth’ opportunity, these two knew they had something special after hanging out for most of their season. Stephen was accused of cheating with another member of the Are You the One? franchise after he and Julia had starting dating after the show. However, the couple decided to stick together as their social media are taken over with images of each other.


Season 5

Season five gave us a couple and a baby! Gianna and Hayden from season five started dating after the show even after they were told in the first episode they were not a ‘perfect match’. They tried to see other people in the house, Hayden even ending up in the honeymoon suite, but ultimately ended up back together after their season. And they’ve now welcomed an adorable little boy into their lives. 


Season 6

Clinton and Uche are currently the only surviving couple from season 6 of Are You the One? Clinton and Uche found out early that they were deemed a ‘no match’ and created some drama in dating other people, but they kept it going, and are still together. 


Season 7

The show’s most recent season, seven, had only one surviving couple Cali and Tomas. From the looks of social media, it seems the two are in a long-distance relationship after they dated inside the house. After Cali’s heated relationship with Brett, it seemed Tomas was the perfect thing she needed, and she might have been right. 


Couples from two different seasons

Other couples who have crossed the season lines to date include Mikala and Joe, Cam and Carolina, and most recently Nutsa and Ozzy. 

Mikala, from season 4, and Joe, from season 6, have been dating a while. They kept it secret for the first eight months of their relationship, finally revealing in August that they’d been dating with an Instagram post. They’ve taken many pictures together since then, traveling all over the U.S. together. They also followed in Hannah and Zak’s footsteps and made a youtube video together about their relationship.


Cam and Carolina, season 4 and season 5 respectively, also announced that they had begun dating in July. The couple celebrated six months together in January, and by the looks of their Instagram’s are very happy.


Nutsa and Ozzy are the franchise’s newest couple, making their relationship social media official at the end of November. Nutsa was a star on the most recent season of Are You the One?, and Ozzy was on season 5. The two are both foreign-born Ozzy being from Costa Rica and Nutsa was born in the country of Georgia.


For the amount of drama that goes down on this show, I’d say having about one surviving couple form each season is pretty good. And because the casts of different seasons are always hanging out together, new couples are always popping up. I’m looking forward to seeing who is next!

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