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MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds, Meet the Contestants

MTV’s The Challenge just unveiled their newest season, War of the Worlds. Where ‘Veterans’ and ‘Prospects’ will pit their talents and strengths against each other in physical and mental challenges.

War of the Worlds, the franchises 33rd season, is set to premiere on February 6th. Everyone from Johnny Bananas to Zach to last season’s winner Ashley are back. There are even some returning faces we haven’t seen in a while such as Wes and Nany. But this season of The Challenge has a whopping 18 fresh faces. I’m here to give you the scoop on all of them.



Chris “CT” Tamburello

Starting with the 16 Veterans, 8 men and 8 women, we have CT. In his 15th season he has made it to 7 finals and has 2 wins. CT has been no stranger to The Challenge and is one of the best to ever be apart of the show. However, it has proven in the past that some of the best veterans with the longest history have the biggest targets on their backs. Although despite this he is a physical and mental beast, and he normally dominates game play. CT has done fairly well in recent Challenges so we’ll see how he holds up in this one.

Paulie Calafiore

Paulie is back for his second season after his challenge debut led him to his first final. Although he made it to the final he did create a lot of drama last season between Kyle and Cara Maria. Will Paulie be able to keep his head in check this time? After lots of outbursts last season we’ll see.

Hunter Barfield

Hunter, one of last season’s winners, is back. His last season was his only final and win of his challenge career and ultimately his most memorable. His partner Ashley took all the money at the end and ran. Hunter is a psychical monster and tends to fair well in those challenges. He will surely be returning this season to find revenge on his most recent partner.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio

The most infamous challenger, Johnny Bananas is back. In his 18th season with the show, Johnny has been to 8 finals and won 6 different challenges. His most famous being the time he pulled the same stunt Ashley pulled last season, on his partner Sarah. Johnny has struggled in recent seasons with being the biggest target and being eliminated early, due to his challenge royalty status. The man also tends to create unnecessary drama for himself, which doesn’t help his case. I don’t expect this to change this season and don’t know if Johnny will be standing in the winner’s circle with so many enemies.

Kyle Christie

Kyle, one of Cara’s romances from last season, also returns for his 3rd season on the show, reaching one final already. He has been pretty dominate considering the fact that he’s only been around for two seasons, however, Kyle needs to keep his mind in the game, and not on girls, to go far this season.

Leroy Garrett

Leroy is back! A challenge favorite Leroy has competed in 9 seasons previously and accumulated 3 finals, but no wins. Leroy desperately wants one of those though. Being previously linked to Kam, who doesn’t like Johnny, and being friends with Johnny Bananas puts Leroy in a tough position. We’ll see how that affects him in War of the Worlds.

Wes Bergmann

Another fan favorite, Wes returns after a short hiatus from the show. After 10 seasons, making it to 4 finals with 2 wins, Wes will be competing again. Wes has one of the best social games there is, but everyone is aware of that now. And his long rivalry with Johnny Bananas always seems to get in his way. Will that help him make friends this season?

Zach Nichols

Our last Veteran guy is Zach. One of the strongest competitors in the game, Zach has made it to three finals with 1 win in his previous 7 seasons. With his and his partner’s fight from last season still looming over his head, there is sure to be some drama concerning Zach this season. But he, and his girlfriend Jenna will hopefully make it to the end of the game together.


Ashley Mitchell

Ashley, the one who took the million dollars from Hunter last season, is in her 5th season with 2 finals and 2 wins. Now The Challenge‘s highest earner has the biggest target on her back after also being the show’s biggest villain. With Hunter returning and only her ‘Lavender Ladies’ on her side, I don’t know if Ashley will fair too well this season.

Cara Maria Sorbello

Another challenge royalty, Cara Maria, is in her 13th season with 7 finals and 2 wins. After a season mostly dominated by romantic interests Cara lost sight of what she was there for. This season she’ll be back for her crown as most dominate female player in the game. Although, Cara doesn’t have many friends in the house either after the drama she created and her hot head combined.

Da’Vonne Rogers

Da’Vonne returns for her 2nd season on War of the Worlds. After an impressive rookie season De’Vonne looks to make an even bigger impression on the other competitors this season. This girl is good. And I expect no less from her than what we got last season.

Jenna Compono

Jenna returns for her 7th season after making it to 3 finals previously. Always competing with her boyfriend Zach, Jenna always has someone close to help her through the game. She’ll also have best friend Nany in the house to help her out too. Although, Jenna is a strong competitor on her own.

Kam Williams

For her 3rd season after reaching 1 final, Kam has returned. Known as ‘Killer Kam’ and ‘Queen Kam’ she’s always sure to bring some fire to whatever she is competing in. Although this has put a major target on her back in seasons past. Will this put her out of the running for the season 33 crown?

Amanda Garcia

This will be Amanda’s 5th season with the show, reaching no finals. Although not the best physical challenger, this girl sure brings the drama to the show. With her band of ‘Lavender Ladies’ and her many enemies Amanda normally gets in some trouble. Last season she got in a rift with her partner Zach, and they couldn’t agree on who to send into an elimination, ultimately getting eliminated themselves.

Nany Gonzalez

Nany returns! After missing four season, Nany is back. With 6 seasons under her belt and 1 final, she is here to make is a tough competition. With her best friend Jenna in the house, she has at least one friend in this new generation of challenge competitors that she is unfamiliar with. Will it help Nany that she has no attachments, or hurt her in the end?

Natalie Negrotti

Our last returning girl is Natalie. With 2 seasons experience, and one final last season, Natalie is back to continue her dominance. After all the drama she was involved in last season Natalie needs to keep her head in the game to repeat to the final she made it to.



Ashley Cain

Our first newbie is Ashley. He has appeared on Ex on the Beach UK, Just Tattoo of Us, and Celebrity Sex Pod. He’s also a former British soccer player, so he brings both the experience of reality TV and the physical attributes to his game. He however is not to far from a drama-king.

Alan Valdez

Alan’s experience on Television comes from various telenovelas, the popular Latin drama series. Although, physically in great shape, the mental part of the game may be challenging for Alan. Hopefully he doesn’t break under the pressure of the Challenge vets.

Gus Smyrnios

Gus is an MTV regular, but not a ‘challenge’ regular. The Floribama Shore star makes his challenge debut this season. Gus has a little bit of a flirting problem and may get distracted from the game. His personal experience growing up however gives him a psychical edge in his first challenge season.

Joao Paulo Andrade

JP appeared on Ex on the Beach Brazil and made a star of himself. Former Mr. Brazil, the model and TV star hopes to win big this season. However, not just a pretty face, with a degree in engineering, he’s ready to make a US name for himself.

Theo Campbell

Theo is no stranger to the reality TV game, having been apart of Love Island. A former track star in England, Theo is sure to bring a competitive edge to this season. Theo’s downfall might be his ability to create drama with his smart mouth. We’ll see how he fairs on season 33.

Stephen Bear 

Appearing on Geordie Shore, Just Tattoo of Us, Big Brother UK, and Shipwrecked Bear is no stranger to drama or TV. Stirring the pot is his specialty however, and could gift him a couple of enemies this season. Not the most physical competitor, Bear’s social game will have to get him far.

Chase Mcnary

Another MTV alum, Chase, has appeared on The Bachelorette and Ex on the Beach. A former hockey player and director of communications Chase should do well psychically and socially. A fan favorite from previous show’s, we’ll see how Chase fairs on his first challenge season.

Josh Martinez

After a string of Big Brother alums last season, Josh is the newest member to make the switch. From Big Brother 19 he is sure to bring great social game, having already competed on a show of this nature. However, Josh does like to bring the drama with his competitiveness

Turabi Camkiran

Turabi is the last male prospect of this season. He appeared on both Survivor Turkey and the all stars season of survivor Turkey. He won both times. Psychically Turabi could win this season all on his own. That is a good thing for challenges, a bad thing when working with a partner, which he’ll have to do this season.


Georgia Harrison

The first female prospect is Georgia, who has appeared on Towie and Love Island. Georgia has one thing in mind, the money. Will she stay focused this season and be able to reach it? Or revert to her party past, and miss her goal?

Liz & Julia Nolan

The Challenge will be receiving another set of twins this season when both Liz and Julia make their challenge debut. After both appearing on Big Brother 17, acting as one person I may add, they competed fairly well. Getting their own chances this season, they’ll at least have each other as allies.

Dee Nguyen

Dee, having made an appearance on Geordie Shore, is willing to do whatever it takes to win. She’s not afraid to call out big players or make big moves. However in the past we’ve seen that fail, will it work for her?

Morgan Willett

Another MTV alum, Morgan has appeared on Big Brother Over the Top and Ex On The Beach 2. After winning her Big Brother season, Morgan is sure to bring some competition to this season. Having the social game already mastered she might find some challenges in the psychical part of the game.

Mattie Lynn Breaux

Mattie Lynn is no stranger to a party, as revealed on Party Down South. This season’s parties could become a distraction but she’s hoping to make some money this season. Will she succumb to her past ways, or make it far in this game?

Zahida Allen

Zahida has appeared on Ex on the Beach UK and Geordie Shore. The former Beauty Queen is also looking for the big win this season. She will probably have a good social game considering her outspoken personality, but that may be a downfall for her as well.

Natalie “Ninja” Duran

“Ninja” gets her name for her appearance on American Ninja Warrior. Natalie’s obvious physical advantages will do her well in the competition. But not just physical, she also has a degree in neuroscience, gaining a mental edge as well.

Shaleen Sutherland

Our last prospect is Shaleen. After appearing on The Bachelor Canada, Shaleen definitely knows how to create drama. Not the most physical competitor Shaleen will have to use her manipulative ways to get what she wants this season, the prize money.

I absolutely can not wait for this new season of The Challenge. I think this season is guaranteed to be the best there’s been. Although I am not the fondest of MTV reaching outside their network for new contestants, I am excited to see the way some of them compete. I think the twins, Liz and Julia will be an interesting dynamic brought to the show. The prospect I’m probably most excited to see this season is Gus. I’ve watched him on Floribama Shore so he’s a familiar face, but it will be interesting to see him compete because his former show is more of a family dynamic.

And then there is always the returners. You always have to be excited to see Johnny Bananas, whether you love him or hate him, and I’m somewhere in between. No matter what Johnny makes the show interesting. I’m really excited to see those who have taken breaks come back though, Nany, Wes, and Leroy to be exact. It will be fun to see if they still have the competitive edge they used to have.

And you know the producers and TJ are going to throw some crazy twists into this game that you’re never ready for, and those are always the most exciting. I’m interested to see what this season’s are going to be. February 6th cannot come soon enough! Watch the trailer here!

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