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Musicals You Can Watch At Home While Broadway Is Closed

With Broadway closed, theatre kids everywhere have been lacking their fix of choreography and high notes. So today we have compiled a list of musicals you can watch at home on Netflix, Disney +, and Prime Video. 


The cultural phenomenon Hamilton has resided in the hearts of many, bringing on a feeling of belonging wherever you come from. This musical furthermore tells the story of Alexander Hamilton through the American Revolution. We see as he continuously works and takes every shot he sees to act on his beliefs. It was a hit on Broadway and has since then been recorded and can now be viewed on Disney +.


Another historical musical would be Newsies, a story about the Newsboy strike in 1899. This Disney original musical is centered around the newsies’ rise since Pulitzer raises the prices for Newspapers. After watching Hamilton, you can check out this musical, which is also on Disney +, as it is worthwhile if you are a fan of musicals, independence, and history!

The Sound of Music

This true story is a film based on the true story of Von Trapp Singers. This follows the story of Maria, who becomes a governess right before World War II. The musical is a perfect classic to check out if you are new to the world of theatre and are interested in a feel-good musical on Disney +.

Into the Woods

Coming to Disney + December 4th, 2020, we have Into the Woods. This musical film is an enchanting twist on the classic Grimm’s’ Fairy Tales. We follow the story of a baker and his wife trying to have a child in addition to fairytale characters of your childhood. If you love Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel, then you will love this brand new spin on those classic stories. 

Mary Poppins

Next, we have the classic film, Mary Poppins, also available on Disney +, which tells the story of a magical nanny brightening the lives of two children, and bringing them closer to their parents. This is a wonderful family movie that is a must-see for anyone who enjoys musicals. 


Another classic musical that has been redone for ages is Annie on Disney +. This is the 1999 movie about a little girl in an orphanage who becomes entangled with billionaire Oliver Warbucks. This movie is indeed a simple classic which must be added to the watch list of any broadway fan!

West Side Story

Available on Netflix, this film is about two people who fall in love despite being apart of rival gangs in New York City. While the two gangs are fighting over turf, we certainly see the struggle that this young love brings.

Fiddler on the Roof

The movie version of this musical is on Netflix and is about the life of a Jewish peasant and his family before the Russian Revolution. Another classic show which is great for anyone who enjoys history and some music to spice it up!

Mary Poppins Returns

If you watched Mary Poppins, then this is also a must-see! It is currently on Netflix and moving to Disney + on January 15, 2021. This musical is following the first and continues the journey of the delightful Mary Poppins bringing love and excitement to whoever’s life she crosses.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This family film is on Netflix, comparable to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory also on Netflix, which is the newer adaptation of the film. This musical film is about Willy Wonka, a chocolate expert, hiding golden tickets to tour his factory in several candy bars. 

Shrek the Musical

Anyone who enjoyed the DreamWorks movies about the green ogre Shrek will similarly enjoy watching the recorded musical Shrek. This show is great for anyone who liked the movies as well as musical theatre.

Les Miserables

The 1978 film is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, telling the story of a woodcutter being sent to jail when he attempts to steal for his family and is fighting against the inspector who wants to keep him there for life. This is worthwhile to watch if you want to dive into the theatre culture. And if you can’t get enough of Les Mis, the 2012 version will be available on Netflix in August!

Little Shop of Horrors

The colored 1960 musical is the classic tale of an insatiable plant with the craving of blood. This remarkable musical certainly is a necessary watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Pride and Prejudice: A New Musical

This 2020 filmed musical is available on Amazon Prime Video and is based on the classic novel by Jane Austin. The musical follows Mr. Darcy falling in love and facing the important life questions along the way. Anyone who is a fan of Jane Austin’s books will love this!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Another hit musicals film adaptation should be added to your watch list. This film on Amazon Prime Video is about a man sent to prison and promises to seek his revenge for what happened to his family. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy watching! 😉

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