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Must-See Travel Spots In England

After spending a year in England, I’ve decided to share what made my experience transformative: Urban Beauty, Intellectual Exposure, and British Culture. If any of these qualities are of your interest, consider visiting these travel spots.

London, England

London Cityscape

First there’s London, which is the capital of England. Think of it as the British version of NYC. You can walk or use the London public transit system to see various spots in the city. At the center you can find the Houses of Parliament, where they vote on big issues like Brexit. If you want the scoop on royalty, you can see the Buckingham and Kensington Palaces over the summer (though not this one due to the pandemic). And don’t miss out on the London Eye ferris wheel, which offers breathtaking views of the entire city.

Oxford, England

Next, we have Oxford. Oxford is a city that revolves around the oldest and most prestigious university in the world, University of Oxford. Famous Oxonians include Bill Clinton, Emma Watson, and Hugh Grant. Filled with medieval buildings, the 2nd largest library in England, and Harry Potter filming locations, tour this place to see the environment in which Oxford students study. If the elite academic atmosphere seems daunting (because it is), you can go on picnics, punting, and enjoy the nightlife with the locals/students. After spending a year here, coming back to the States was a reverse-culture shock for me.

Windsor, England

Winsdor Great Park

Finally, don’t forget about Windsor. In addition to their London residences, the British Royal Family has another one in Windsor – Windsor Castle. There’s Frogmore Cottage, which is where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stay after leaving Kensington Palace in London. If you want to see where the elite in Britain send their kids to school, visit Eton College – equivalent to a private high school in the States – and see their Olympic size swimming pool.

However, if these locations don’t float your boat, feel free to check out other spots like Manchester, Liverpool, Bath, etc. England has a lot of rural land – as seen in Pride and Prejudice – so visit those areas if the city environment gets old.

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