My Must Have Products From Crest + Save Big With New Walgreens $2 Off Crest Coupon

by Sarah Ruhlman

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

After all of those tasty Valentine’s Day treats and chilly movie nights in recently, I am here to remind you not to forget about those pearly whites.  Maybe it’s the weather and being stuck inside but my sweet tooth has been going strong lately. However, those delicious bites while they may satisfy your cravings they also love to linger on your teeth and gums.  But, no need to worry I’ve got the perfect solution! It’s simple, you just need to up your tooth paste game and make sure you’re using one with extra protection.

Now, you know I love a good deal and amazing products, so you better believe I found a winning combination. Walgreens will be releasing a $2 eSaver Crest coupon (on February 27th), on their website that is good for $2 off a variety of Crest products. This means that you can pick up Crest Complete Whitening Scope or Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh. Both these popular toothpastes will give you the smile you crave.

Crest Complete Whitening Scope

If you’re looking for a toothpaste that not only whitens your teeth but leaves your breath fresh then use your $2 off coupon on Crest Complete Whitening Scope. Not only will it give your breath that clean smell but helps prevent cavities, prevents tartar build-up, and cleans up surface stains. All this action in one toothpaste will make your dentist proud and keep your smile shining bright.

Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh

If you want  the clean white smile you see on dentist ads than you might want to pick up Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh with your coupon. Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh is, personally, one of my favorite toothpaste to use because I want a white smile. This fluoride toothpaste not only removes up to 80% of surface stains but prevents stains gathered throughout the day. Especially if you’re addicted to coffee and chocolate like me. Just like Scope this toothpaste also builds the enamel on your teeth to fight against cavities.  

Coupon Details

In order to save that $2 you’ll use your $2-off eSaver coupon from Walgreens.  It’s good to use when you buy Crest toothpaste ($2.99) at Walgreens anytime from February 27th – March 5th.

Head over to Walgreens to use your coupon now!

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