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NERVE Movie Review

Need a little excitement in your life? Trust me, Watching NERVE will do just that. I got a chance to screen NERVE and let me tell you, it was amazing! Keep reading to get the scoop on the upcoming film, NERVE.


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nerve-movieThis movie is about a new game. A game similar to truth or dare – only it’s just dare. Players are challenged to do different tasks that prove difficult, exciting, or just plain embarrassing. Little do the players know, once you’re in the game, you cannot get out.

573362bae4b0659110e5ac48_853x480_U_v1The movie stars Emma Roberts as Vee and Dave Franco as Ian. Right off the bat, you can sense the chemistry between these two characters which makes the movie that much more exciting. Their characters support each other throughout the game (and movie) to win the big money. And when things get tough, they stick together and watch out for each other. Although this movie is a thrill, both characters bring a hint of romance to it. And of course, what girl doesn’t love any character played by Dave Franco? 😉

nerve-first-look-clip-streaking-752x440When I first watched the previews of this movie, I thought it was just another intense action movie about teenagers making silly mistakes. Now, obviously, I wasn’t wrong, but there are certain parts of the movie that have you literally on the edge of your seat. Of course, I don’t want to give anything away but through all the crazy, thrilling scenes, it is hard not to think to yourself, “OMG – What if that was me?!” There is no better title for this movie – because it is NERVE racking!

Nerve-Movie-Trailer-Poster-2016Overall, the movie was very good. Obviously (and hopefully) unrealistic, but very very good. However, if after watching it, you reflect back on it and think about it, you might find an underlying message to the whole movie. I remember thinking to myself “What inspired someone to make this? What were the producers trying to get at?”

Now, this is a shot in the dark, but from my perspective, it really seems like this movie is a representation of technology and/social media in this day in age. It seems like everything and everyone is buried in their phones or computers or iPads to the point where it’s almost like they are stuck. Again, this could just be a fun movie about a crazy game but it really makes you think about some of the things that we do in our every day lives that hold us as prisoners. Nerve makes you question whether you want to be a WATCHER or a PLAYER.

If you want to watch NERVE, be sure to check it out in theaters July 27th!

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