Netflix cancels “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been canceled by Netflix. The Netflix series will release it’s 4th and final chapter later this year. The cancellation was announced via the show’s official Twitter account.

What was the show?

The show follows teenager Sabrina Spellman who is half-witch and half-mortal. We see her go through the fight to be a higher schooler with her mortal friends and deal with the politics and prophecies of the witching world. Oh, and she may save the world at some points and go to the underworld, ya know normal teenage stuff. Sabrina lives with her zany Aunties Zelda and Hilda and her tough, yet supportive Cousin Ambrose. She frequently goes to them for advice throughout her journey to save the world, as well as her journey through which hot boy to date (I mean no wonder when her options are Ross Lynch or Gavin Leatherwood)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 photo courtesy of Netflix

Why does this Sabrina sound familiar?

The enchanting show is based on Archie Comics series also named Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This means it is in the same world as another popular show Riverdale. Sabrina was actually initially created to be a companion series for Riverdale. There are still connections to Riverdale though through the series. For example, small characters have crossed over and the shows take place in neighboring towns. Now, this is not the first adaptation of the comic. You may remember the 1996 sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina the Teenage Witch also follows Sabrina Spellman, but with a different tone and way more 90s references.

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So no more Sabrina?

Not quite yet. There will be one more installment of the series. The 4th and final chapter will be released later in the year and mark the end of the series. While it is upsetting that there will be no more of the Spellmans after this installment At least there will be one more installment because I have SO many questions after the ending of Chapter 3. So. Many. Questions. While I am sad to see the series end I am excited to see what this final chapter will bring.

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