The Ultimate Netflix Horror Movie Marathon

October may almost be over, but that just means that Halloween is almost here. So if you still haven’t watched any scary movies, you’ve been doing it wrong and are in need of a horror movie marathon — it’s a Halloween must. Luckily, we live in the age of Netflix and it has some great horror movies. I’ve narrowed down a list of eight movies that will make for the perfect marathon. So grab a blanket, popcorn, your best friend — and prepare to scared.



200The movie that started what seemed to be a never-ending franchise. Two men wake up, chained on opposites sides of a room and one is ordered to kill the other or else his family will die. This movie is twisted, but definitely the best of the series.



This Wes Craven classic is a must-see during a horror marathon. Ghostface terrorizes Sidney by killing literally everyone she knows. This is extremely meta and references basically every horror film ever.

Scream 2


Ghostface is back on another killing rampage nearing a movie premiere based on the events from the first movie. While this one is not as good as the first, it is still a great watch.

The Omen


A couple decides to adopt a little boy who turns out to be the spawn of satan. Damien is one of the creepiest horror movie kids and a perfect addition to a horror movie marathon. Thankfully Netflix has the original and not that awful Julia Stiles remake.

The Crow


Eric Draven returns from the grave — being watched over by a crow — one year after him and his fiancee are murdered.

The Sixth Sense


The story of a little boy who sees dead people and the child psychologist who is trying to help him. It has one of the best twist endings in cinematic history.

Silence of the Lambs


An FBI trainee goes to a maximum security asylum to study the brain of the psychiatrist turned cannibal, Hannibal Lector.

The Babadook


A little boy starts having severe temper tantrums that only worsen when a book appears in his room and he asks his mother if she wants to die.

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