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Netflix Shows That are Perfect for Kids

If the kiddos aren’t sure about what to watch next this summer, here are 10 popular kids’ shows you can find on Netflix that are perfect for the whole family!

Netflix Shows For Kids/Family:

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Dragons: Race to the Edge follows more adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his dragon, Toothless. Hiccup and Toothless, with other Viking teens, face new challenges outside of Berk. Harsh new worlds, untrainable dragons, and new enemies await Hiccup. It is up to Hiccup and Toothless to keep the balance between Vikings and Dragons. Do your kids enjoy the How to Train Your Dragon movies? Then, they’ll enjoy this adventurous kids’ show!

Netflix’s Fuller House

Fuller House is a spin-off to the original Full House. All grown up, widowed D.J. (Tanner) Fuller lives with her sister and her best friend to help raise her sons. The show explores similar life lessons like in the original series. The best part is the original cast members come back as the same characters. The whole family is sure to love this family-fun kids’ show filled with love and laughter.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On

Are you kids obsessed with the Trolls movie? This kids’ show picks up where the movies left off. In this all-new chapter, Poppy, Branch, and all of Troll Village keep the beat bumping in their magical forest home. Kids will love following the Trolls: The Beat Goes On and all the upbeat adventures.


Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross are bunking with new friends at summer camp! At Camp Kikiwaka, the Rosses are making new friends and facing fears of camp. This kids’ show is an adventurous spin-off of Disney Channel’s “Jessie”. The kids will enjoy the chaotic fun Bunk’d brings to Netflix.

Netflix’s Family Reunion
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The McKellan family pack up their bags and move to Georgia to be closer to family. This family-focused sitcom explores topics surrounding black culture and family. Tia Mowry, Anthony Alabi, and Loretta Devine star in this kids’ show full of comedy and family drama. The whole family is sure to enjoy Family Reunion.

All Hail King Julien: EXILED

All Hail King Julien: EXILED follows Julien XIII, King of the Lemurs of Madagascar. His uncle crowns him king and then leaves the kingdom. Julien and his bodyguard, Clover, embark on royal quests together. This kid’s show prequels the Madagascar movies. Kids will certainly enjoy watching the illustrious adventures of King Julien XIII.

Boss Baby: Back in Business

Netflix Show

Boss Baby: Back in Business picks up after the Boss Baby movie. Boss Baby continues to navigate Baby Corp. His big goal: achieve a near-impossible work-life balance. He can’t do it without the help of Tim – his big brother and partner-in-crime. The kids are sure to enjoy more adventures with Boss Baby and Tim in this kid’s show.

The Magic School Bus

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A class of students takes a magical school bus on wondrous and educational field trips. Teacher Ms. Frizzle has a unique way of teaching her students about the world. The Magic School Bus is a classic kids’ show that teaches children about the world around them beyond the classroom. SNL comedian and talented actress, Kate Mckinnon, voices the beloved Ms. Frizzle’s little sister in The Magic School Bus Rides Again, which is also available on Netflix!

Mako Mermaids

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While on a camping trip, Zac accidentally falls into the magical Moon Pool. The result: he becomes a merman. The three guardians of Mako Island are cast out of their pod for letting Zac fall in. The trio follows Zac to land to remove his magical powers. All four face challenges of blending in with humans as secret mermaids.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

It’s all anybody can talk about on Netflix!

The four nations of Air, Water, Earth and Fire lived in harmony. Until the Fire Nation declared war. This popular Netflix series follows Avatar Aang. Aang discovers his power to control all four elements. It is up to Aang to restore balance and harmony to their world. With the help of Katara, a Waterbender, and her brother, Sokka, Aang might be successful.

Summertime means a lot of free time for little kiddos. If you’re a mom or dad who needs new ideas for what to watch with your family, we hope this article helps. Keep up the good work raising your awesome little humans!

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