Netflix Shows to Binge While You’re Stuck at Home

Even as our world begins to go back to normal, we still spend most of our time home. You may wonder what to do with this time? A simple answer for you: NETFLIX! We’re going to go through the top ten Netflix shows to binge at home.


You may have heard of this show already, but that’s only further proof that it is an amazing show! The two seasons focus on the character Joe learning about love in a more twisted and… stalker-y way. We see Joe use technology and social media to feed into his obsession and find out as much information about his love interest as possible.

Outer Banks

Next on our list is Outer Banks, a show about teens who live in the Outer Bank of North Carolina. These kids are called ‘Pogues’ and go on a journey to discover the events that occurred to one of the group member’s father. This is a great show for those who enjoy a good mystery adventure.

Stranger Things

The Netflix original Stranger Things, a show focusing on the missing of Will Byers. In the process of trying to find him, we are introduced to another world and a girl who has powers. This show is not just a binge-worthy mystery but dives into the themes of friendship and discovering who you truly are.

Pretty Little Liars

Number four on the list is Pretty Little Liars. This show has five teens in Rosewood try to solve the secret of their missing friend and keep all their secrets hidden from those outside their clique. A good show for someone interested in drama, juicy gossip, and fashion.

The 100

After a nuclear war ruined Earth, the remains of humanity live on a spaceship. When 100 teen criminals are sent back to Earth after 97 years, other problems become clear. We watch these young adults learn to live on their own, and everything it takes to survive.

The Society

When the entire town disappears, teens must learn to survive on their own. If you liked The 100 I would 100% recommend giving this a try. We see chaos after the efforts of making their own government fails and figure out what happened to their town. 


Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil, the Lord of Hell, moves to LA. In the midst of having fun and indulging in the luxury of retirement from his throne, he meets a cop who changes his life. This show is great for anyone interested in crime-solving and drama along the side.

I Am Not Okay With This

Syd is an average teen who has enough troubles without having to deal with her dad’s recent suicide. Things get even more complicated when she develops random superpowers that she now has to learn to control. If you enjoyed Stranger Things you should absolutely try this out as we see a very different type of main character deal with this new life.

Never Have I Ever

This show has a young Indian girl named Devi who has to recover from the recent passing of her father. High School does not make things any easier when she decides to take on more popularity and disobey her cultural norm. Mindy Kaling doesn’t disappoint in this teenage adventure.

End of the F***ing World

A teenage psychopath named James decides to embark on a trip with Alyssa. Together they join forces to escape from their destructive homes. If you liked Never Have I Ever or I Am Not Okay With This, definitely head on over to binge this action-packed show.

Thank you for reading, time to binge all these Netflix shows!!

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