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Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Review: A Hot Dating Show

In Netflix’s Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno, 12 contestants find themselves on a deserted island. Not only do they struggle with fewer resources, but they are tasked to find love within nine days. In order to escape Inferno, everyone must couple up. Matched couples get to leave and venture out to a luxurious hotel, Paradise.

If you love reality dating shows, then Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is the perfect watch for you. However, this is not your regular romance series. The rules on Inferno constantly change. Contestants never know when or how they will get to Paradise next. Sometimes, everyone gets to choose. Other times, contestants must compete in games against one another for dates.

Here is the scoop on what makes Netflix’s Single’s Inferno such a hot show!

Personality Focused

Kim Su-min
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

While the rules on Single’s Inferno are always changing, there is one rule that always stays the same. No one is allowed to reveal their age or profession. Some people tend to have an age preference when it comes to dating. Some people want their partner to have a high-paying profession. Or they want their partner to have a similar profession as them. That way, they know they will have some common interests. However, these preferences can sometimes get in the way of the one thing that matters most in a partner: their personality.

Due to this rule, contestants are forced to pay more attention to people’s personalities. Therefore, contestants fall in love with who their partner is, not with their age or what they do for a living. However, in Paradise, couples reveal their ages and professions but only to each other. Most couples find themselves surprised by their partners’ ages and jobs. But because they have already fallen in love with their personality, they realize that none of it matters.

Exciting Plot Twists

The men play a game on the beach
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is full of twists and turns. The first two nights go as expected. The first night, everyone meets each other and writes a note to whom they like the most. On the second night, couples are matched to escape Inferno and go to Paradise. However, the rules change on the third night. The contestants get another chance to go to Paradise, but if they have already gone, they cannot choose who they went with again. Everyone panics, unsure of who they will pick instead. While some despise this rule and purposely pick someone who won’t pick them to stay in Inferno, some end up loving it. For Choi Si-hun, this makes him realize that his feelings for Song Ji-ah are stronger than his feelings for Shin Ji-yeon. This rule change is a game-changer.

The unexpected occurs in the last two beach games. In these games, the three winners get to go to Paradise with a person of their choice. The first one is for the male contestants and the second one is for the female contestants. While most of the choices are predictable, it is shocking when Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon choose each other. Due to this rule change, Moon Se-hoon finally gets a chance to clear things up with Shin Ji-yeon, which makes her fall in love with him.

Friendship and Teamwork

Cast prepares a meal
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

What sets Single’s Inferno apart from most other reality TV shows is that there is not that much conflict. Although things get tangled as multiple people become interested in the same person, there is not much drama. However, there are a few conflicts. For instance, Moon Se-hoon does not like Kang So-yeon’s unsolicited advice about Shin Ji-yeon, and she does not like how he is not being clear about not liking her. Luckily, the two make up very quickly. There is even a bit of tension between friends Kim Hyeon-joong and Cha Hyun-seong when they both like Song Ji-ah. While both men decide to put love first, the two remain respectful of one another and never fight or argue.

Throughout the whole show, it is obvious that everyone truly cares about one another. Within the male and female groups, everyone openly talks to one another about how they are feeling. Furthermore, there are multiple instances of people giving each other good dating advice. Everyone has grown so close to one another after bonding so much through their teamwork. They all come from well-off backgrounds and are not used to living with so little. Thus, they all work together to cook meals and draw water. These moments of teamwork bring all of the contestants together as friends.

Amazing Views

Single’s Inferno- Netflix

Another aspect that viewers will enjoy about Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is the amazing scenery. While the main goal is to get to a luxurious Paradise, Inferno is quite a beautiful place as well. Being a deserted tropical island, Inferno is quite a getaway. It has everything from palm trees and tropical fauna, to a gorgeous sandy beach, and a crystal blue ocean. With no other inhabitants, there is absolute peace.

And of course, there is the beauty of Paradise. Matched couples get to leave Inferno for a gigantic luxurious hotel. Each comes with several living areas, a huge dining area, several bedrooms, and several bathrooms. And if anyone likes the water, they are in for a treat. Additionally, the food there is to die for. Each couple orders a bunch of food and each meal looks, gourmet. Viewers feel their stomachs rumbling after seeing the stunning meals. Just from seeing how nice the Paradise hotel is, viewers watching from home will wish that they were on vacation.

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