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Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Review: In Love With the Drama

In Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, six couples put their relationship to the test. One person is unsure about marriage. The other is ready for it now and has issued the other an ultimatum. They can either marry them or move on.

If you are looking for a reality dating show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On would be the perfect watch for you. What makes the show stand out is that it includes a couple swap. After a week of dating around, everyone gets to choose a different person. For three weeks, they will live out a three-week trial marriage with this new partner. After that, for another three weeks, they will do a trial marriage with their original partner. At the end of the show, one way or another, the ultimatum is answered, whether that means marriage, walking away with someone else, or leaving alone.

Here is the scoop on what made us fall in love with Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

Importance of Listening

Madlyn and Colby in the ultimatum
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On- Netflix

With April and Jake, we can see that April has an issue with being needy. On the other hand, Jake has an issue with standing up for what he wants and needs. Therefore, Jake spends all of his time into buying expensive things for April and doing everything he can to make her happy. When he was with Rae, he finally felt like he mattered.

And when April was with Colby, she realized how much Jake did for her and how she did little in return. Although things did not work out for April and Jake, both came out of this experience with the knowledge that, in a relationship, both partners’ needs and wants should be met equally.

Furthermore, Colby has accountability issues. When he is with April, Colby decides to go out and talk to another girl, telling her that he is in an open relationship. Madlyn is furious about this as it was not a part of the agreement and therefore, is borderline cheating. Upon being confronted, Colby claims that he was not getting enough from April and blames Madlyn for it all. The situation is absurd, considering the fact that Colby is the one who issued the ultimatum. Colby’s inability to see where he went wrong almost leads to the couple splitting. However, when he turns around at the end and admits that he was wrong and that it was his fault, Madlyn finally agrees to marry him. This teaches the importance of taking accountability.

Supportive Friends and Families

Shanique, Rae, and Madlyn
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On- Netflix

One thing that everyone on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On understands is the importance of friends and family. While no one should dictate who one dates, it is always nice to get a second opinion from someone supportive. Friends and family members are just the people for that.

For instance, Madlyn’s friends show what a good group of friends is like. All of them truly care about Madlyn and what is best for her. They are not afraid to tell her the truth, even if it is harsh. Also, they point out all of Colby’s flaws, showing that he is not good for Madlyn. At the same time, they let her make her own decisions. In the final episode, Madlyn talks about how her friends are actually happy about her marriage and that they support her no matter what.

Furthermore, Shanique’s family is very supportive and creates a very healthy environment. Shanique’s family is very important to her, so she takes both Zay and Randall to have two separate meals with them. No one becomes upset with Shanique for doing the experiment. If anything, they are on her side. For instance, Shanique’s father talks about how perfect his daughter is and how he does not understand how Randall has not married her yet.

Troubled Pasts

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On- Netflix

The past is something that everyone carries with them. Some of the cast members of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On have quite troubled ones that they carry into their relationships.

At the beginning of the show, Colby mentions how Madlyn’s parents had a rough divorce. He speculates that this is the reason why she is not ready to marry him. He suspects that this has left her with an emotional scar toward marriage. Madlyn admits that her past with divorce has made her want more in a relationship. While it is not good to hang onto a negative past, Madlyn uses hers to make her stronger. By demanding more romantically, she is more likely to end up in a happy relationship and less likely to end up divorced like her parents.

We also get to hear about Zay’s troubled childhood. We learn that he grew up poor and that he does not talk to his parents. While we do not get other details on his rough upbringing, we do get some clues. When Rae tells him that she doesn’t want to walk out of the show with him, Zay doesn’t take it well. Feeling completely lost, Zay confides in Shanique about the situation. When Shanique explains she would never accept that, Zay explains that he grew up in a harsh family environment. Shanique then gives us a powerful message: we are so much more than our pasts.

Self Love and Acceptance

Rae and Jake
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On- Netflix

After the events of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Rae reflects on herself. Rae announces that she is dating a girl and gushes about how amazing she is. She reveals that she is now discovering her sexuality because, in the past, she struggled with being bisexual. It is a beautiful moment as everyone cheers and claps for her. Because of the show, Rae not only learned so much about herself but how to accept and love herself.

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