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Netflix’s “Work It” Is Totally Worth Watching – Especially If You Love Jordan Fisher

It’s been the summer of Netflix original movies and thank goodness for that because we’ve needed an abundance of media content while stuck at home! It is no secret that the streaming service has a rom-com sweet spot and it’s clear why: they’re always successful. Between Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy playing everyone’s new favorite dynamic duo and Jordan Fisher continuing to steal hearts with those smooth moves and sweet smile, this movie was fated for success.

If you’ve done your fair share of Netflix binging this stay-at-home summer (no judgment here), this movie might just make it to your list of favorites.

This film has been securely holding a spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list for the United States and you need to check it out for yourself to see why! If you haven’t watched this film yet, you’re missing out. Just make sure you’ve got enough space in your living room to strut your stuff because this movie is bound to make you want to get up and dance!

Work It Summary

In order to have a leg up against the other college applicants at her dream school, Quinn (Sabrina Carpenter) adds dance team to her resume- which is a big overstatement. She convinces her talented dancer of a best friend (Liza Koshy) to create a new team composed of high school misfits who can keep a beat. Desperately, she practically begs handsome dance prodigy (Jordan Fisher) out of retirement in order to be the amateur dance team’s choreographer. Turning this team into any sort of competition will be the biggest challenge in his dance career so far, and iIt’s a story of realizing new dreams and never being too old/too far gone/too inexperienced to try something new.

Netflix’s Work It might have given me too much hope about becoming a dancer overnight, but that’s beside the point. These actors were captivating onscreen and convinced me that they had just as much fun filming the movie as I did while watching it. Dancers, we know that you work your whole life to have the skill you possess, but it was nice for just a moment to put reality on hold and dream of being the Sabrina Carpenter of our own life.

Work It Genre

Work It is the quintessential dramedy film and fits like a puzzle piece in the ever-growing library of Netflix originals of this genre. Though each film shares a general likeness in plot structure and a happy ending, Netflix has a knack for creating uniquely entertaining films. They also have a ton of star power behind this one, which always helps. There is plenty of high school drama to take the audience back in time or connect with you right where you are. It also does a nice job of not taking itself too seriously.

If Liza Koshy is on the screen, you’ll be laughing. She brought her natural wit and comedic timing to the film, always cracking the audience up with honest one-liners. She accurately portrays the 21st century best friend in this film.

Sabrina Carpenter + Liza Koshy + Jordan Fisher = A Dream Come True

This cast is definitely star-studded. Getting to see three of Hollywood’s biggest young names all on screen together was so much fun and their chemistry was practically tangible. Carpenter, Fisher and Koshy are all triple threats with different backgrounds in the industry that have risen to fame in the past few years. Sabrina Carpenter, who began acting as a child, became incredibly popular after her appearance on a multitude of Disney Channel shows.

Jordan Fisher pursues acting, dancing, and music as a successful singer/songwriter who seems to be just about everywhere these days. From playing the charming love interest in a plethora of rom-coms to starring in a variety of commercials recently, it’s like we can’t get away from him (and we don’t mind it at all).

Liza Koshy’s career began on a little beloved app called Vine (may it rest in peace) and it quickly took off from there. Koshy is a leading lady in this life and she has all the spunk and gumption to prove it. She is a girl-power role model for her young fans and those that are older just wish she was their best friend, at least I do. Since the days of Vine, she began a successful Youtube career and now has an impressive resume of television and film work.

Critic & Fan Responses

As previously mentioned, Netflix users in the US have loved this film since it premiered on the streaming service last Friday, allowing it to remain in the country’s top 10 list for a full week. Fans are Twitter can’t get over watching three of their favorite young actors share the screen and the palpable chemistry that Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher shared.

Youtube sensation, David Dobrik, just might be the movie’s biggest fan. As Liza Koshy’s former boyfriend, he has remained incredibly supportive of her career since their amicable break-up in early 2018. Dobrik posted a video to his Instagram story while he was watching the film and freaking out over Liza’s success.

After a week of compiled critic responses, made up of both praise and condemnation, the film has received an impressive overall score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. A critic from Guardian compared it to other recent movies of its genre and commended the film by saying, “There’s an easy sleepover movie charm to Netflix comedy Work It, a charm that’s proved harder to find in their many other teen offerings of late.”

Another critic from Tell-Tale TV, whose candor regarding the movie I wholeheartedly agreed with, stated, “Work It might have a flimsy plot and a questionable definition of dance at times. But it also has Jordan Fisher dancing spontaneously on a piano and, dare I say it, that’s enough.”

My thoughts on Netflix’s Work It

Work It is another one of those Netflix originals whose like-ability just cannot be denied. While the streaming service has definitely created some of their own content that totally flops, the majority of their films, even those of a repetitive genre, continue to entertain. This film made me want to get up and dance- though my neighbors probably didn’t appreciate the film for that. The chemistry between lovers intensified by the choreography was captivating. The honesty of best friendship was portrayed well by Koshy and Carpenter.

Netflix will surely continue to inundate us with original films of this genre and you know what? I say, keep it coming! These stars made this story work, but this story was also just plain fun. If I didn’t have a crush on Jordan Fisher before (yeah right), I definitely do now.

If you haven’t seen Work It by now, it’s sitting in your Netflix queue waiting for you. It’s taken the streaming service by storm and might just be your next guilty pleasure movie. Make sure you have plenty of room to dance because this film will make you want to move your feet. We can practically guarantee it!

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