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Tell me what’s better than a man in a suit…seriously though…;) And good news for those who agree! The dilemma of wearing a suit or a tuxedo is one that many men have dealt with. Either the suit or tuxedo isn’t you style, but fits you right or the suit or tuxedo fits you right, but isn’t your style. It’s difficult to try and pick between which of the two you’d prefer, but it’s time to stop settling! With Menguin, you get the best suit for your needs and one that goes with your personal flair!


The best suit and tuxedo rental website is the best around! Here is how the whole process works:

Step 1: Build Your Tuxedo Style


Get exactly what you want when picking out your suit or tuxedo! From the fit, to the accessories, to everything in between, you get exactly what you want because it’s all customizable. Stop settling on what you want because now you can have exactly what you want with tons of choices to choose from! Step 1 gives you options. And who doesn’t love options?

Step 2: Get Fitted (Online)


There are two options to getting fitted for the suit or tuxedo you pick out by the time you get to step 2. The first is where you are given a tailor fit card and then you can take that card to any tailor you want! If you already go to a tailor regularly, this is the best option for you. If you don’t go to a tailor regularly though, there is a second option. You can allow Menguin to give you step by step instructions on fit by having you find sizes in your own closet! You can be your own tailor with no extra cost whatsoever! Whichever way you choose, you’ll end up with a great fit!

Step 3: Let It Arrive at Your Doorstep



Seriously, step 3 shouldn’t even be a step because it’s so easy! All you have to do after you place your order is wait the 10-12 days for it to arrive. A suit in your style and with your fit gets to you super quickly thanks to the six distribution centers around the country! And on a side note, if you try on the suit or tuxedo within twenty four hours and don’t like the fit, you can let them know and Menguin will expedite replacements to you for free! Now that’s great service right there!

Step 4: Enjoy It


Wear the tuxedo or suit to your event or function (and look great doing it)! Once you’re done, use the prepaid label to ship it back via UPS. Menguin wants this to be as painless as possible. They even include the packing tape needed to ship it back! And that’s it! All done!


Menguin is easiness and style all in one! Never again settle for a bad, wrong sized rental suit or tuxedo! Menguin is for sure the way to go from now on! Check out more on their website. And enjoy looking your best because with Menguin, there’s no other option that looking fantastic!

For even more style check out Menguin’s pinterst board.

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