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“Night Sky” Review: An Eerie Take on Space and Teleportation

Take a journey into the unknown in Night Sky! The eight-episode series focuses on family and relationships but also reminds the viewers that something shocking is happening behind the scenes. If you could teleport, where would you go?

Watch J.K. Simmons, Sissy Spacek, and Chai Hansen in this fantasy drama on Prime Video!

Here’s the scoop on Amazon Prime Video’s Night Sky!

night sky poster
Night Sky- Amazon Prime Video (2022)


A couple living in Illinois comes across a mysterious chamber years ago that leads them to a deserted planet. Irene and Franklin York are nestled in their home living an uneventful life with their own personal view of the stars underground. However, a curious neighbor and a mysterious man, begin to stir things up in the old couple’s life. Night Sky is a sci-fi mystery series just waiting to be uncovered.


Irene and Franklin
Source: Chuck Hodes (Amazon Studios)

As the series builds characters and their connections with one another, viewers are enveloped in flashbacks. It’s almost like traveling through space where time on earth travels faster than space. At the beginning of the series, there is a brief snippet of the older couple as young adults meeting at a bar.

It is their love story that starts to play into the secret chamber to a celestial world. Franklin and Irene reach a point in their life where their health deteriorates, and they are unable to use the portal as often as before. The couple starts to question the unknown world and the reason why it looks the same after so many years.


Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons
Night Sky (2022) Amazon Prime Video

They never seem to be in a hurry to reveal the galactic elevator that teleports people to a room overlooking an otherworldly place. But when the neighbor catches on to their late-night adventure, everyone around them begins to intrude into their life.

The underground secret is nearly revealed when a stranger appears in their special room. Irene and Franklin are taken aback by the unfamiliar man who happens to carry things from his past. At first, he is incapable of piecing together his whereabouts and finds himself unable to remember how he ended up in Illinois. His sudden appearance stirs up questions, especially when their granddaughter, Denise comes to visit.


night sky
Source: Chuck Hodes (Amazon Studios)

Before diving into the mysterious man’s past, we are subtly introduced to a mother and daughter in Argentina. Then, we begin to realize that the older couple might not be the only people to have a special portal. We start to question why certain people have access to the underground chamber over others.

Through the second family, we learn more about the portal’s capabilities. After hiding the portal from the world, they go on an adventure to uncover the coordinates of the other chambers.

Final Thoughts

night sky Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons
Night Sky (2022) Amazon Prime Video

The teleportation concept isn’t fresh in the movie or television realm. Night Sky even institutes a device that determines where you can go. However, Night Sky makes the special teleportation chambers a part of the modern world. It’s like taking a trip into space without the spacesuit or a rocket.

Even though each episode is about an hour long, Night Sky focuses on diving deep into character development that we almost forget about the mysterious chambers. At times, it is harder to determine if I’m watching a sci-fi series or a drama.

Catch this series on Prime Video, on May 20th!

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