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Nikki Blonsky Reveals Life Changing Moments From “Hairspray”

The Sarah Scoop Show chatted with actress Nikki Blonsky, most known for her starring role as Tracy Turnblad in the movie Hairspray. Blonsky told us what it was like playing such an inspirational role so young, and how she continues to carry the movie’s message through her career. She even told us what it was like working alongside the incredible Zac Efron!

Catch up on all the details from the full video interview below:

Starring Role at Eighteen

Blonsky was surprised when she found out she had the leading role in a film, after her first ever audition. She said the audition process was long, but knew deep inside that herself and Tracy were connected. Blonsky recalls the moment she first watched herself on the big screen, she held hands with fellow castmates with a lost for words watching her biggest dream come true. Blonsky said the Hairspray set was so much fun to be apart of with a very star studded cast, particularly Tracy’s mama, John Travolta.

Hairspray changed my life in so many ways. Not just career wise, as an artist and as an actress but as a human being.  For me, it really gave me confidence within myself to be able to live my life, truly and authentically.

-Nikki Blonsky

Tracy’s Impact

The movie Hairspray has a lot of powerful messages dealing with race issues, bullying, and body positivity. Blonsky is happy that to this day fans still leave comments on her social media pages, telling their stories of how Tracy inspired them to stay true to themselves. Blonsky said Tracy’s message is even more important to her life now, after just coming out this past summer.

I want young girls and young boys and just young people in general, to realize that we’re so much more than our outward appearance, and our weight or height or size or our any of our physical attributes. People watched that and took that away from Tracy. They saw her passion and her drive and her willingness to do anything in the face of adversity to fight for equality.

-Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Nights; The Quarantine Podcast

After portraying some other iconic roles in shows and movies such as Ugly Betty, Huge, and The English Teacher, Blonsky is starting new endeavours such as writing, and her new podcast “Nikki Nights.” She began this podcast during the quarantine and has already featured a ton of stars such as Scott Hamilton and Alex Newall. New episodes premiere every Thursday evening. Be sure to listen to “Nikki Nights” on Apple Podcasts

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