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100+ Best ‘Nimona’ Movie Quotes to Make You Laugh

Nimona is an animated film from the best-selling book of the same name. The story follows a knight framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and the only person who can help him prove to the kingdom that he is innocent is Nimona.

However, Nimona is a shape-shifting teen whose powers prove to be a blessing and a curse to the knight and the kingdom. 

This hilarious adventure is not just your typical animated movie with sci-fi elements but reaches beyond the genre to sprinkle relatable moments of today’s youth.

Here’s the scoop on the best Nimona quotes!

Ballister Boldheart (voice of Riz Ahmed) and Nimona (voice of Chloë Grace Moretz).
Cr: Netflix © 2023

1. “Kids. Little kids. They grow up believing that they can be a hero if they drive a sword into the heart of anything different. And I’m the monster? I don’t know what’s scarier. The fact that everyone in this kingdom wants to run a sword through my heart… or that sometimes, I just wanna let ’em.” – Nimona 

2. “What are you? I’m Nimona.”- Nimona and Ballister 

3. “ No one hates the hero of the realm.”- Ambrosius 

4. “They’re going to love you like I do.”- Ambrosius 

5. “Come take a picture with a real knight, not a charity case.”- Sir Thoddeus

6. “To help you do whatever it takes, to get revenge on the cruel world that rejected you.”- Nimona

7. “Whatever your heart desires boss.”- Nimona 

8. “Are you disappointed that I’m not a murderer.”- Ballister 

9. “He is a murderer….of fun.”- Nimona 

10. “I break you out of chaos, destruction, something, something, something, we win.”- Nimona 

A knight and a shape shifter
Cr: Netflix © 2023

11. “Knights don’t mope. We brood, I was brooding.”- Ballister

12. “You’re the one who told me not to trust anybody, to question everything.”- Ballister

13. “Think about everything we have been through together.”- Nimona 

14. “This was a mistake.”- Ballister

15. “I see you Nimona and you’re not alone.”- Ballister 

16. “It’s time to rewrite this story.”- Nimona

17. “Some of us don’t get that happily ever after that we are looking for.”- Ballister

18. “Will the kingdom accept this knight who might not be right.”- Nate Knight 

19. “I love the secret lair, the garbage and the smell of sadness really pull the whole thing together.”- Nimona 

20. “Let a new era of heroes begin with you.”- The Queen 

The Director (voice of Frances Conroy) and Ambrosius Goldenloin (voice of Eugene Lee Yang).
Cr: Netflix © 2023

21. “Because if you don’t, you’re gonna die in this closet.”- Nimona 

22. “This guy looks extremely punchable.”-Nimona 

23. “That is not a murder wall. It’s an.. innocence wall?”- Ballister 

24. “Your sidekick has arrived!”-  Nimona

25. “Once everyone sees you as a villain, that’s what you are. They only see you one way, no matter how hard you try.”-  Nimona

26. “You promised not to freak out.”-  Nimona

27. “Don’t be so gullible.”-  Nimona

28. “I arranged all the weapons here in order of deadliness, childproofed the place, opened all the poisons laying around, and pulled some rusty nails one centimeter out of the floorboards. Overall, just made it much more evil lairy in here.”-  Nimona

29. “They grow up believing that they can be a hero if they drive a sword into the heart of anything different. And I’m the monster?

30. “Why are you helping me?”-  Ballister

(L to R  Ballister Boldheart (voice of Riz Ahmed), Nimona (voice of Chloë Grace Moretz) and Ambrosius Goldenloin (voice of Eugene Lee Yang).
Cr: Netflix © 2023

31. “Evil Larry. That’s a great villain name. You should totally change your name.”- Nimona

32. “Because I’m bored. And everybody hates you too.”-  Nimona

33. “Can you just be you, please?”-  Ballister

34. “Did you think I was going to apologize?”-  Nimona

35. “I don’t know what’s scarier. The fact that everyone in this kingdom wants to run a sword through my heart, or that sometimes I just want to let them.”-  Ballister

36. “Counterpoint. Your plan sucks and it’s boring. Where’s the drama? The screams of terror?”-  Nimona

37. “We are villains. Embrace it.”-  Nimona

38. “Did I ever mean anything to you? Or was it all just a lie?”-  Ambrosius

39. “Don’t call her that! She’s smart, kind, and quite sophisticated.”-  Ballister

40. “That guy just peed his armor! He peed his armor!”-  Nimona

a knight laying on the ground with woman standing beside him
Cr: Netflix © 2023

41. “Everyone thinks you killed the queen.”- Ambrosius

42. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to trust me.”-  Nimona

43. “This is the part where you run.”-  Nimona

44. “Your head bounced on the sidewalk a couple of times.”-  Nimona

45. “Let’s break stuff.”-  Nimona

46. “This is the man who cut off your arm. Arm-chopping is not a love language!”-  Nimona

47. “What if you held it in? If you didn’t shape-shift?”-  Ballister

48. “I wouldn’t die. I just sure wouldn’t be living.”- Nimona 

49. “Oh hi Ballister. Come right in. And of course, you can bring your whale, ostrich, and big fat unicorn.”- Sir Thoddeus

50. “If I meant rhinoceros, I would have said rhinoceros.”- Sir Thoddeus

a knight and a rhino in nimona
Cr: Netflix © 2023

51. “I was going for the hurting people version.”-  Nimona

52. “How can I promise if I don’t know what’s gonna happen?”-  Nimona

53. “Hey boss.”- Nimona 

54. “You can’t just go around murdering people. There are rules, Nimona.”- Ballister 

55. “I’m not a kid. I’M A SHARK!”- Nimona

56. “What do you mean there are rules? Why would you follow the rules? Isn’t that the whole point of being a villain? That you don’t follow the rules?” – Nimona 

57. “I did not kill the Queen.”- Ballister 

58. “If you want a happily ever after, you can never let your guard down, because the monsters are always out there.”- Nimona 

59. “And will Ballister be broody on the biggest day of his life?” Ambrosius

60. “Congratulations, Sir Boldheart, let a new era of heroes begin with you.”- The Queen 

statue of knight with sword
NIMONA – Cr: Netflix © 2023

61. “Some of us don’t get the happily ever after that we are looking for, because it ain’t that kind of kingdom. And this ain’t that kind of story.”- Nimona

62. “This is just a bunch of drawings, very disturbing drawings.”- Ballister

63. “Oh look it’s me skewering several guards like a human kebab.”- Nimona 

64. “Every villain needs a sidekick.” – Nimona 

65. “I’m a lot of things.”- Nimona 

66. “You promised not to freak out.”- Nimona 

67. “Well you thanked me, said you’d forever be in my debt and that we’d always be best friends, totally happened.”- Nimona 

68. “Whatever Larry.”- Nimona 

69. “I drew up some plans for revenge and torment and good old general malfeasance.”- Nimona 

70. “You’re a monster.”- Ballister 

nimona and the knight
Cr: Netflix © 2023

71. “Why are you helping me? Because I’m bored and everybody hates you.”- Ballister and Nimona 

72. “I think what you are trying to say is, thanks for saving my life, three times if you are keeping score.”- Nimona 

73. “Here’s the thing, when we clear your name then I am your official sidekick forever and ever, no take-backsies, deal?”- Nimona 

74. “The thing you do? It’s too much.”- Ballister 

75. “What? Marsupial, Mariachi, Meatball.”- Nimona 

76. “Oh I dragged you for like seven miles.”- Nimona 

77. “So, you’re a girl and a rhino.”- Ballister 

78. “It’s better than your plan, I’m going to sit in the dark and mope in a room with no toilet.”- Nimona 

79. “Hide, if you see anyone hide.”- Ballister 

80. “Fine but we are still gonna break stuff.”- Nimona 

nimona inside messy room with spike weapon
Cr: Netflix © 2022

81. “You could sit here for the rest of eternity slowly watching your muscles atrophy, your skin turning to rot, your nails growing into long curly-fry-looking talons.”- Nimona 

82. “I’m not a villain!”- Ballister 

83. “I thought a visual aid would really make my resume pop.”- Nimona 

84. “Oh look it’s me, on a rhinoceros.”- Ballister 

85. “I’m here about the job.”- Nimona 

86. “I’m not brooding, I’m just thinking this is my thinking face.”- Ballister 

87. “I’d hate to say it, but you make a pretty good bad guy.”- Nimona 

88. “A lie? Says the guy running around with a monster!”-  Ambrosius

89. “Never going to happen.”- Ballister 

90. “Not an exit. That’s on me.”- Nimona 

Nimona (voice of Chloë Grace Moretz).
Cr: Netflix © 2023

91. “Did you see the way he looked at me? He really thinks I killed the queen.”- Ballister 

92. “Snap out of it, boss!”- Nimona 

93. “Look, I can get us out of here, but things are about to get… weird.”- Nimona 

94. “How can I promise if I don’t know what’s gonna happen?”- Ballister 

95. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to trust me.”- Nimona

96. “Promise promise?”- Nimona 

97. “Oh, wow… even when you see the horn?- Ballister 

98. “Just promise!” -Nimona

99. “Fat unicorn?” -Ambrosius

100. “Wait. Who are you?” -Ballister

Nimona (voice of Chloë Grace Moretz) and Ballister Boldheart (voice of Riz Ahmed).
Cr: Netflix © 2023

101. “Oh, it’s all here in my application.” -Nimona

102. “Fifteen years?”

103. “It’s all so foggy.”

This heartfelt yet mind-blowing movie offers an exciting adventure with energetic characters and surreal backgrounds. If the 2D animation doesn’t catch your eye first, the comedic characters definitely will.

Stream Nimona on Netflix now!

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