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“Noelle” Disney+ Movie Reminds Us What Christmas Is All About + Interview With Producer Suzanne Todd

Disney’s NOELLE Noelle (Anna Kendrick) Photo: Cate Cameron ©Disney 2019

Christmas is approaching which means Christmas movies are everywhere! If you are looking for a new Christmas movie to watch, Noelle is the perfect one! It is a funny and joyful movie that has all the emotion you will want!

Producer, Suzanne Todd had the chance to sit down and talk about the movie, the cast, and who inspired her in her career.

Many Hidden Mickey’s & Puns

During the movie, there is something that Producer Suzanne Todd wants you to look for! All those hidden Mikey’s! There are many of them and are fun to spot out!

There is also something else to listen to! The many puns in the movie! Suzanne says there were puns put into the script but Anna Kendrick loved them so much that she came up with some more!

Disney’s NOELLE Nick (Bill Hader) Photo: Film Frame ©Disney 2019

The North Pole

Suzanne Todd reveals that they actually built The North Pole for the movie. She says it looks charming and lovely in the movie but they were freezing shooting at night in Whistler, Canada. She says it was like a snow bowl. They used a venue in Canada that was used in the Olympics as the town that they built for the movie. She wants it to be said that it was not made on the computer. All those buildings you see in the movie, are actual buildings.

Suzanne also reveals that the mall you will see in the movie was built on a stage in Canada. They also shot at a real mall in Phoenix. She says there was so much material to shoot inside the mall that they couldn’t just shut down a mall for that many days for the movie.

Disney’s NOELLE Photo: Film Frame ©Disney 2019

Amazing Soundtrack

Suzanne says the process of the music in the movie evolved during the shooting. She says they knew it was always going to be Christmas music. You will hear some old-fashioned songs and some new ones.

Great Cast

Sometimes dreams come true and that is true for Suzanne. She thought it was a pipe dream to get Anna Kendrick for the lead role of Noelle Kringle. But, that came true! She says that Anna loved the idea of doing a Christmas movie and now she has! The cast is truly amazing. Something Suzanne is really proud of. Bill Hader plays Nick Kringle and Shirley MacLaine play Elf Polly in the film with many more great actors too!

Disney’s NOELLE Elf Polly (Shirley MacLaine) Photo: Film Frame ©Disney 2019

Inspirational People

Over the years, there have been different people who have inspired Suzanne. She says she is inspired by someone new on every new project that she does. She has worked with so many talented people that it is hard to pick just one person who have inspired her in her career. Suzanne has been inspired by writers, actors, the people who create the music, and more. She says that for Noelle, Anna Kendrick inspired her because she is so nice and funny and loves to go out for a drink!

What Christmas Really Means

At the end of the movie, Noelle gives a speech about what Christmas really means to her. Suzanne says, “when you think back on Christmas, it wasn’t really the meal or the gift or the thing that you wrap. What we all really love about Christmas is the time that we spend with the people that are special to us.”


Suzanne says that Noelle has heart to it and like everything else that will be on Disney+ it will be under this umbrella of global citizenship. Everything that will be on Disney+ just like Noelle, will feel like you will get something out of the movie or show, while being entertained. You can get in the holiday spirit by watching Noelle, on Disney+.

Logos and Key Art

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