Oui by Yoplait – Take a Moment for Yourself With a Yogurt Just for YOU

by Sarah Ruhlman
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It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but do you ever take a moment and just enjoy yourself? Recently, I tried a new yogurt from Yoplait.  It’s called Oui , it is inspired by their traditional French recipe. It is the perfect treat to enjoy for yourself.  I personally love having it for breakfast it is a great “me” moment to start my day.
Introducing Oui by Yoplait, an all-new French style yogurt. With its unique, thick and creamy texture and subtly sweet fresh taste, Oui brings a new offering and experience to the yogurt aisle — and a moment of pure enjoyment in every spoonful.  I found this new product at Walmart and it is seriously good.
What I love most about it is the taste and ingredients.  Yoplait uses simple, non-GMO ingredients like whole milk and real fruit poured and set in each glass pot. Yes, glass pot. These are the cutest containers I’ve ever eaten yogurt out of. They Carefully select ingredients, along with detailed craftsmanship you’ll enjoy a deliciously thick yogurt with a subtly sweet, fresh taste. Have a moment of pure enjoyment in every spoonful. Say Oui.

If you’re like me you’re wondering where the name Oui, came from? The name actually translates to “yes” in French, pronounced “wee”.  Yoplait wants to encourage you to say YES to yourself.  And I want to encourage you to let yourself have one thing that is just for you! You may have kids, pets, a boyfriend or just friends that you constantly feel you are giving to.  Not with “oui”. This ladies, is your yogurt, not something for your family.  Let yourself enjoy something a little special. I also challenge you to do whatever the task is on the lid.  For me, it was listen to my favorite song.  You better believe I played it nice and loud, singing along with every word.
I tried the blueberry flavor, but it is actually available in eight single-serve flavors (Strawberry, Vanilla, Blueberry, Peach, Black Cherry, Coconut, Lemon, and Plain) and two multipack flavors (Strawberry and Vanilla).Oui is cultured in each glass pot for eight hours, creating a unique, thick, creamy and cuttable texture.  It is sold in a recyclable glass pot, which can be upcycled in numerous ways.  I have some fun DIY ideas in the works, stay tuned.:)
The next time you find yourself running through the isles of Walmart head over the yogurt section and pick up some “Oui” for yourself because this yogurt was made just for you and gives will give you a moment to yourself throughout her day.  

Say “Oui” and Enjoy! 🙂

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own. I only work with brands I truly believe in. Thank you to the sponsors who make this site possible.

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