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Our Favorite Essie Nail Polish Colors

With hundreds of nail polish colors, it can be a little overwhelming when picking an Essie nail color. Don’t worry, however, as we have the scoop on Essie for you! Here is a list of 5 of our favorite Essie nail polish colors that you can buy for great prices on Amazon.

Color 1: Island Hopping

Image Credit: Amazon

Island Hopping is a basic and adorable fall color and a must-have for every closet. It goes with any outfit, formal or casual. Rock this color with your fall outfits and welcome the season with grace!

Get it for $10.11 on Amazon.

Color 2: In the Cab-ana

Image Credit: Amazon

If you like playful and vibrant colors, this is the one for you! Bold and refreshing, In the Cab-Ana is one of my favorite colors so far. This lovely shade of blue goes with so many outfits, especially for a nice relaxing day at the pool or beach!

Get it for $8.68 on Amazon.

Color 3: Sunny Business

Image Credit: Amazon

For those of who like subtle but bright colors, then this Summer Business nail color is a must-have! This shade is beautiful for a summery look with its pale lemon-yellow color, so don’t forget to add this shade into your collection! Personally, I would love to wear this with ripped jeans and a white crop top.

Get this for $9.00 on Amazon.

Color 4: Mademoiselle

Image Credit: Amazon

Love being casual and classy at the same time? Then this is the Essie nail color for you! The Mademoiselle color is the perfect pale shade to wear with your dressed-up look, and also your dressed-down look.

Get this for only $7.49 on Amazon.

Color 5: Social Lights

Image Credit: Amazon

Finally, we have the Social Lights! This color is all about the dazzle and sparkle. It is for the ones who love fancy dresses and high heels. This works great with gold or silver sparkly dress and is also stunning with other darker colors. Turn on your own social lights with this shade!

Get it for $8.64 on Amazon.

Let us know your Essie nail polish color in the comments!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.