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Parent of a teen? House hunting tips to suit your older child

Parents of younger children may find it somewhat simpler to move home. They may be able to make a lot of the executive decisions with minimal pushback, or even understanding, from the child. However, when your child gets to their teenage years, they may be more likely to offer up their opinion – whether you want it or not! Due to this, you may want to consider taking some tips onboard if you want to move home in the near future.

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Allow them to speak to the broker

Using can allow you to gain real estate brokerage services either in-person or online. You may be able to include your teenager in some of your appointments, providing they don’t clash with school or other commitments. This way, your teenager may be able to gain a better understanding of the processes involved with selling your existing home and buying a new one. Even if they don’t, it can allow them to feel like they are being included in some of those more important discussions and decisions, which could help them to feel more positive.

Discuss the move at length

At times, being able to discuss their concerns and some of the things they might like to see in a new home could be helpful. There may be several reasons why they don’t want to move, including not wanting to change school or lose friends. If you are planning on moving nearby, this could be a good time to reassure your teen that their usual daily routine will stay the same, including the school they go to. When moving further afield, it can be good to acknowledge their emotions and help them to work through them. These may be conversations that you need to revisit several times, especially as the move draws nearer. You may want to also prepare for some backlash, or worsening behavior, as your teen attempts to process their feelings. This could also result in poor sleep.

Give them some autonomy

While you may have the final say regarding the house you choose, that doesn’t mean your teen’s opinions need to be discounted. Although you may not do what they want, you might still want to consider them. Another area of autonomy can come from packing up the home. Giving your child the responsibility of packing up their room can allow them to declutter if they so wish, and to make decisions about their own possessions. This could end up going one of two ways. They may knuckle down and pack their room in a way that best suits them. Alternatively, your teen may get bored and no longer wish to participate, meaning you can get the job done at your speed.

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times. Teenagers may be more capable of helping out than their younger counterparts, but they may also push back a lot harder. By genuinely listening to them and allowing them a say, you may be able to make this experience a positive one.



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