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The Perfect Jobs for Those Who Just Can’t Settle Down

Some people like to get settled as soon as possible, while others enjoy the excitement that comes with change. If you’re moving home a lot, however, this can be accompanied by a number of challenges, particularly concerning employment.

Finding any job can be difficult, but finding one that is right for you is often even more so. Unfortunately, sometimes moving home is out of your control. Perhaps your partner is being transferred to another location, or maybe you’ve decided that the move would offer your whole family a better quality of life.

If you do find yourself moving more often than the average household, here are some employment opportunities that might suit you.


Digital work

The development of the internet and cloud computing has meant that there are more jobs than ever before that allow you to work remotely. If you have talents relating to design, writing, teaching, software development, or any number of other fields, then you could work anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.

Working remotely doesn’t suit everyone, however, and the thought of being stuck at home on your own all the time can be off-putting. However, working remotely is often what you make of it – you don’t even have to turn your bedroom into an office. Co-working spaces are available to rent that let you work remotely without feeling isolated. So even if you move somewhere new, you’ll have a great opportunity to make friends.

The right company

If you’re looking for employment that is suitable for a frequent mover, then choosing the right company is hugely important. Some businesses will do their best to accommodate you when you move, perhaps finding a position for you in another branch. Of course, some employers may actually cause your move by offering you a job opportunity in a different location.

If your partner moves around a lot as part of his, or her, work, then make sure you consider this when applying for a job of your own. Does your company have more than one location that you could transfer too if necessary? Military spouse employment opportunities, for example, are available at a number of companies that offer flexible or virtual positions that take into account the transient nature of their home life.

Building up your contacts again

Choosing to go self-employed is a great way of eliminating some of the hassle of moving home, but what if you aren’t interested in digital jobs or lack the tech skills to compete with other candidates? Fortunately, there are other professions that offer flexibility.

You could decide to become a full-time babysitter or childminder, for example. Dog walking is another job that you may be able to transfer as you move, and then there are trades like plumbing and cleaning that are in demand everywhere.

If you work freelance across any of these jobs then you can take your work with you. However, it will mean having to build up your customer base from scratch. To speed up this process, create a professional website and print some business cards so you can start publicising your work from the moment you arrive in your new home.

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