Perfecting Your Early Morning Is An Art Form

How do you greet the day? Well, it’s unlikely that every single morning is the exact same for you. Most of us are used to waking up feeling somewhat out of sorts, perhaps past our alarm, showering, and getting to work in a rush. 

Of course, with the recent societal lockdowns on account of 2020’s difficulties, many of us have had to work from home and thus discipline ourselves to get to our desk even more, even though it may be ten feet away from where we sleep.

Perfecting your early morning, then, is not a waste of your time. In fact, it’s really rather important. Many of us find that we awaken at a certain time, and then actually ‘wake up’ hours later. By that time it might be lunch, and then eating our meal induces a sense of sleepiness before we even get back to the desk.

Feeling healthy, proactive and productive is often defined by how carefully you curate your morning. Perfection of this nature, then, is an art form and nothing else.

Let’s consider how you can better your early morning with some time-conscious tips:

It’s All About The Sleep

Waking up in the morning is easier if you’ve had a good nights sleep. Of course, we’re breaking no records with that kind of profound insight. That being said, something that seems so obvious is often the most simple step and the easiest to forget to perfect, so we would recommend you take a look at your sleep cycle and consider how reliable it is.

Do you go to bed at the same time? Do you wake up at the same time each day? Do you spend half an hour before bed away from your phones and screens, to the best of your ability? Do you go to bed in clean sheets, with enough ventilation, and with a comforting alarm? Improve your sleep hygiene, and you’ll find that waking up becomes that much easier, and that’s always an important and worthwhile step forward.

Stay Away From Your Smartphone

It’s important to stay away from your smartphone to the degree that you can help it. Most people will endlessly scroll Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, or even just read the news again and again before falling asleep. This isn’t how your mind relaxes. You need to take a break, and focus on the things that make you relaxed – such as peaceful music, reading, or simply taking some time to rest your head. Staying away from your smartphone can help you wake up feel rejuvenated and not robbed of sleep, as well as helping you fight the urge to check Twitter at every waking moment. That’s a worthwhile place to begin.

Don’t Shy Away From Helpers

Don’t shy away from the little things that help you wake up more easily in the morning. For instance, taking the time to compare espresso makers can help you wake up with a lovely shot of caffeine, helping you stay awake, giving you that kickstart you need for the day. But, if you’re going to drink coffee – it’s most important to drink the good stuff. Don’t shy away from this provided you’re suitable to drink it, provided you don’t drink too much caffeine daily (and definitely not before bed), this can be a great means in which to greet the morning with a smile.

Physical Activity & Breathing

The reason we can often feel tired in the morning is that our bodies aren’t quite activated just yet. They’ve been resting for hours, and this can mean we need to get the wheels turning to feel active and interested in the day ahead.

For this reason, taking the time to do some physical exercises, that is press ups, sit ups, or jumping jacks, taking deep breaths and maybe even going outside to breath in some fresh, crisp air can help us wake up and feel more connected to our surroundings. It’s very easy to feel comfortable in your pyjamas until you have to go to work or attend your home office, but shaking some of the physical cobwebs loose to start with can quite clearly be a superior means of saying ‘hello!’ to the day.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be intensive, remember. Some days you may just go for a little walk in the park after you wake up, while other days may justify a full stretching routine. Whatever works for you will work for you – don’t be afraid to find it.

With this advice, we hope you can perfect your early morning and get a headstart on each day – in the best possible sense.

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