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Pete’s Dragon World Premiere Experience

Disclosure: I attended this trip courtesy of Disney. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 


I am so excited to share with you a look at my premiere experience for Pete’s Dragon.  I flew out to LA to attend the world premiere of Pete’s Dragon which not only included seeing the amazing film, but also walking the red (in this case green) carpet and attending a party to celebrate! I swear sometimes I just have to pinch myself that this is my life!!  Talk about a great start to my birthday week!!


There are few things that will ever be as exciting to me as a movie premiere.  I thrive off of creative and passionate individuals.  There is just something about the entertainment world that attracts them and I can’t get enough of it.  While, I have been to quite a few premieres this one was extra special.  It was my first time attending a Disney premiere and let’s just say I felt like a Disney princess right out of the movies.  There was certainly something magical about this premiere experience.



In honor of the film the red carpet was themed green.  Which means myself, along with the other 24 bloggers attending tried our best to dress for the occasion.  (You can get my dress here.)


Let me back track a little though before I share more photos from the carpet.  Before we saw Pete’s Dragon, we attended a pre-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt to celebrate the release of the movie.


This wasn’t just your average party, it was filled with good people and a good time.  There was a green screen that actually made you look like you were riding on Elliot (that’s Pete’s Dragon in the movie)…or maybe I should just say I flew on a dragon…haha


There was also food…lots of good food, but my favorite was definitely this dessert that made you look like you were breathing like a dragon!! Anyone that is doing a Pete’s Dragon related event must have dragon’s breath dessert. Literally must have it.

There were also a handful of celebrities at the party including; Beverley Mitchell, Joey Fatone, Lou Diamond Philips, Josh Gad and more.  Also in attendance was one of my all time favorites, Tiffani Thiessen.  I’m quite happy to report that she was just as nice and friendly as I would have predicted. 🙂  They were actually all extremely nice, she just stood out because I basically watched her on Saved By The Bell every. single. day. of my pre-teen years.  And I’ll gladly admit, I was Kelly Kapowski a Halloween or two…


After the party it was the moment we’d been waiting for…time to strut our stuff on that green carpet.  Shoutout to Barb from RuralMom for being my photo partner.


This premiere was like nothing I had seen before.  The carpet was huge, it was long and it was so exciting!! Disney certainly knows how to put together a great event.  Check out some of my moments from the green grassed carpet.





After having the most amazing time we went into the El Capitan Theatre and watched Pete’s Dragon.


The next day we got a tour of the theatre and even went backstage, then of course…group photo on the stage!!


Make sure to check back tomorrow for my movie review of Pete’s Dragon.  This is one you won’t want to miss.

Catch Pete’s Dragon in theaters on Friday, August 12th and stay tuned for my Pete’s Dragon Review coming tomorrow! Make sure to check out the official trailer below!

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Gwendolyn Mulholland

Thursday 11th of August 2016

It was such a pleasure meeting you and this event was truly extraordinary. Your dress is absolutely beautiful!

Rachel Mouton

Thursday 11th of August 2016

This was so much fun! I loved meeting you :) You looked amazing on the red carpet! s

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