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5 Tips to Plant the Best Flowers #WaveRave

I had the best time hosting a “Petunia Party” with Wave Petunias.  I invited friends and bloggers to enjoy food, drinks and of course the prettiest flowers!! Wave hosted us at the Family Tree Nursery.  We had lots of fun and learned so much about planting flowers, just in time to spruce up our homes for summer.

Gardening has never been one of my talents, but I have always been so envious of those who have the green thumb.  Luckily, I learned a thing or two about planting and am happy to now have added a beautiful flower pot addition to my balcony.  We had expert gardener extraordinaire Claire at the event to give us the best scoop on how to be a pro when it comes to planting flowers.

Here are 5 tips that will help make planting easier and successful for you!

Pick your planter and add texture

To start gardening with Wave, first pick your planter to create a foundation that reflects your personal style. I gravitate towards bold patterns or pops of color to brighten up the space. Another way to spice up your planter is by incorporating texture into the design. Many trendy planters incorporate ridges and other designs to create a unique look. Remember to look for containers with a drainage hole at the bottom so your plants don’t get waterlogged. Your planter is the base of your container gardening creation, so have fun with it and express your style!

Add potting mix

Once you have selected your planter, add potting mix to your container and fill it up to the top, leaving about one inch of space. If you have a large container (14 inches or more) but want to keep it lightweight, you can always add a few small empty plastic water bottles or non-biodegradable Styrofoam packing pieces to the bottom of the container to take up some space.

Add the plants

My favorite part is adding the plants to your container. Mix and match different colors to create a certain mood with your container. Add in textural items or height elements to break up the flowers and add dimension. I recommend sticking to the rule of three when designing your planter. For instance, plant three of the same plant in different colors or three different plants of the same color scheme. Your container will look chic and beautiful.

How to add the water

To keep your plants healthy and growing, regular water and full sunlight is needed. Make sure the soil stays moist but not waterlogged. To test this, put your finger down two inches into the soil and see if it’s dry beneath the surface. Water near the soil as opposed to the flowers or leaves, because plants absorb water at their roots.

Don’t forget about your hands

To keep your hands clean, invest in a pair of gloves or a no-chip manicure! You don’t need to sacrifice your hand’s sense of fashion for your container gardening.

We had so much fun and seriously learned a lot about planting. I have to say petunias might just be my new favorite flower. 🙂

For more information check out Wave Petunias online:

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Disclosure: This event and post were sponsored by Wave Petunias. However, all opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.