25 Fun Swimming Pool Party Games for Adults

Pool parties aren’t just for kids. Spruce up your next summer shindig party with some fun swimming pool party games for adults!

Imagine a backyard party set up for your guests to play an intense game of Aqua Cornhole Competition or fight to become the king of the pool in a game of Pool Noodle Joust. 

Would you rather have everyone play an Epic Cannonball Contest, or maybe the party could take it easy and play Floating Beer Pong?

A group of people enjoy a pool party on a sunny day, splashing water and sitting on inflatable floats.

There is something for everyone to enjoy!

Water Volleyball Extravaganza

Dive right into the fun with a game of Water Volleyball Extravaganza, guaranteed to splash excitement into your pool parties.

You’ll need a volleyball net, team members on each side of the net, and some friendly competition.

It’s a great game that turns the pool water into an opposing team’s territory.

Pool volleyball is a fun game that adds a splash of excitement.

Three individuals play water volleyball with a beach ball in a swimming pool on a sunny day.

Floating Beer Pong Challenge

For adults seeking a lively twist on traditional party games, try the Floating Beer Pong Challenge at your next pool shindig.

Use a pool noodle and beach ball to create your obstacle course, adding a pool ball for an extra challenge.

It’s one of the best swimming pool games, a classic game now one of the coolest pool game ideas.

Enjoy it in the water or take it to your pool deck!

The Pool Noodle Joust

Switching gears from beer pong, let’s amp up the competition with The Pool Noodle Joust, another exhilarating game to ignite the party spirit.

Perfect for large groups, this fun pool game has you jousting at the edge of the pool on inflatable rafts.

It’s a friendly game that guarantees a good time at your summer bash.

Don’t forget to share the great time on social media!

Aqua Cornhole Competition

If you thought cornhole was just for dry land, think again; an Aqua Cornhole Competition can be a cool twist to your pool party games lineup.

You’ll have teams at opposite ends of the pool, aiming for the highest score. 

You can choose a team member and set the ground rules for the game ahead of time.

You can use your own boards or buy pool floatable boards to play. 

The winning team can even make cannonball group lines with each player making the biggest splash on the losing team. 

Underwater Treasure Hunt

Embark on a thrilling Underwater Treasure Hunt, a game that’s sure to add an element of excitement to your pool party.

Just divide players, and toss pool toys,  a rubber duck, or glow sticks at the bottom of the pool, even in the deep end for a real challenge.

You can have players start at the deep end of the pool so they can dive and jump in. 

It’s a great way to have a fun time with this classic swimming pool game.

The number of players only adds to the fun!

Greased Watermelon Race

Get ready for a hilarious and slippery challenge with the Greased Watermelon Race, a must-try game for your next pool party.

Slather a watermelon in petroleum jelly and place it in the middle of the pool.

The first player from each team races from the side of the pool to the watermelon.

The first team to get the greased watermelon across the finish line wins.

Inflatable Raft Relay

A person with dark hair is lying on their stomach on a pink and white inflatable float in a swimming pool.

Shifting gears from the slippery fun of the Greased Watermelon Race, you’ll love the excitement that comes with the Inflatable Raft Relay at your pool party.

This relay race starts at the shallow end of the pool with players on inflatable rafts.

Top players can gain points by reaching the sides of the pool first.

The fun twist? The next player can’t start until they’re tagged, and water guns are allowed!

Epic Cannonball Contest

Ready to make a splash?

An Epic Cannonball Contest is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at any pool party.

The object of the game? Earn the highest vote for your cannonball!

You can even get creative and add fun twists to the game like who can make the smallest or biggest splash, who can make a funny face, or add a spin to their cannonball. 

This classic pool party game is perfect for older kids on a hot day!

Marco Polo Remix

While the Epic Cannonball Contest may be thrilling, don’t overlook the fun of a classic game of Marco Polo, but with a twist.

Fun pool games like this will get your guests involved in some fun! You can have a set time limit to make this game even more interesting. 

Like the game of tag with water polo you have to make sure your eyes are closed!

Dive Stick Scavenger Hunt

Dive Stick Scavenger Hunt is another game you must include in your pool party lineup, combining the excitement of diving with the thrill of treasure hunting.

For all the items you throw into the pool, you can assign different point values to each item.

The next person or younger kids then dive to retrieve them. The one with the highest points wins.

Poolside Flip Cup Tournament

Ever played Flip Cup on dry land and thought about taking the fun to the poolside?

Set up a table poolside with plastic cups and drinks.

Form two teams, each standing on opposite sides.

Each player must drink their beverage, then flip the cup by tapping the rim.

The first team to flip all their cups wins.

Enjoy the splashy fun!

Diving Board Dare

A person in a blue swimsuit stands with arms outstretched on the edge of a diving board against a clear sky background.

After the exhilarating Flip Cup tournament, why not amp up the thrill with a game of Diving Board Dare?

Show off your daring side and take a leap of faith, trying to perform the most outrageous dive.

From backflips to belly flops, it’s all about outdoing each other.

You can even use the sheer power of a perfectly aimed kick to get more points. 

Just remember, safety first!

Synchronized Swimming Showdown

Ready for a more coordinated challenge?

Try turning the pool into your very own Olympic stage with a Synchronized Swimming Showdown.

  • Form teams.
  • Pick a song.
  • Choreograph a routine.
  • Perform and enjoy!

It’s all about team spirit, creativity, and having a blast.

Water Balloon Toss Frenzy

For a wet and wild time, let’s launch into the Water Balloon Toss Frenzy.

Pair up, grab a water balloon, and start tossing.

Be quick, don’t let it pop! As the rounds progress, you’ll step further apart, making the game more challenging.

It’s all about coordination and a gentle touch.

Make sure you have enough water balloons and subsequent rounds so each player can play. 

Can you keep your balloon intact while soaking your friends? Let’s find out!

Pool Floatie Race

Next up is the Pool Floatie Race, where you’ll speed through the water atop your favorite inflatable device.

Choose your floatie. The quirkier, the better.

Start at one end of the pool. Make sure you let everyone know where the starting line is.

At ‘Go!’, paddle like mad to the other side.

First one there wins!

Enjoy the water, laugh with friends, and let the race begin!

Sharks and Minnows Revival

Let’s plunge into a classic water game with a twist, the Sharks and Minnows Revival.

You’re either a predatory shark or a fleeing minnow in this fun, adrenaline-pumping game.

You can assign someone to be Mr. Shark and the rest of the players are minnows. 

The aim? The shark catches the minnows, turning them into fellow predators.

The last minnow swimming is the winner!

It’s a hilarious, strategic game that’s sure to keep everyone entertained.

Don’t worry, no actual sharks are involved, just a pretend shark attack!

Chicken Fight Championship

Engage in the competitive spirit with a Chicken Fight Championship, a classic pool game where strength, balance, and teamwork come into play.

Four young adults in swimwear playfully interacting in a swimming pool. Two individuals are submerged, with two others balancing on top, appearing to enjoy their time together.
  • You’ll need two teams of two players each.
  • A clear pool area is necessary to avoid collisions.
  • A referee is required to call fouls and declare the winner.
  • A prize is also necessary to motivate competitors.

Cool pool game ideas like this are fun for everyone to try! 

Aqua Limbo Dance-off

Bend, duck, and dive your way through an Aqua Limbo Dance-off, an exciting, rhythmic game that will test your flexibility and balance in the water.

You’ll need to shimmy under a pool noodle without touching it or falling over.

It’s a blast, and as the noodle gets lower, you’ll find yourself doing hilarious water acrobatics to stay in the game.

You can also have hula hoops for people to dance with. The first person to drop their hoop loses. 

Poolside Karaoke Battle

After showing off your water acrobatics in the Aqua Limbo Dance-off, it’s time to belt out your favorite songs in a Poolside Karaoke Battle.

  • Pick a song from the provided list.
  • Grab the mic and start singing.
  • Impress the crowd with your vocal prowess.

The best performance, judged by applause, wins!

Get ready to let loose and make some unforgettable pool party memories!

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Next on the agenda is the thrilling Inflatable Obstacle Course, ready to test your agility and stamina in a fun, competitive way.

You’ll dodge, duck, and dive your way through this floating challenge.

It’s not just about speed, but strategy too. Make sure to mark off a starting point and an end point. 

You’re bound to get a few laughs as you watch friends try to tackle this hilarious, wet, and wild course.

Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn soon enough!

Water Gun Tag Game

Two women in summer attire are enjoying an outdoor water fight, laughing and spraying each other with colorful water guns.

Switching gears, gear up for a classic game with a wet twist: Water Gun Tag.

It’s all about strategy and speed with this one.

  • Divide into teams.
  • Arm yourselves with water guns.
  • Decide on a ‘home base for safety.

Get wet, have fun, and keep your eyes peeled for the opponent!

Bobbing for Apples Challenge

Dive right into the old-time favorite, Bobbing for Apples Challenge at your pool party for a splash of nostalgia and fun.

You’ll fill a large, shallow inflatable with water and floating apples.

Then, you and your friends take turns trying to grab an apple using only your mouth.

It’s a hilariously messy game, sure to trigger laughter and create unforgettable memories.

Poolside Trivia Quizzes

You can ramp up the excitement of your pool party by introducing poolside trivia quizzes.

  • Compile a list of fun, random facts.
  • Divide your guests into teams.
  • Have a designated quizmaster to ask the questions.
  • Award points for correct answers.

Everyone will enjoy the competitive spirit and it’s a great way to keep the energy high between dips in the pool.

Water Basketball Tournament

Next up on the agenda for your pool party is a thrilling water basketball tournament.

You don’t need to be LeBron James for this. All you need is a pool basketball hoop, a waterproof ball, and some competitive spirit.

Divide into teams and let the splashing commence! It’s all the fun of regular basketball but with the added twist of being waist-deep in water.

King of the Floatie Throne

After the water basketball tournament, get ready for the hilarious and competitive game of ‘King of the Floatie Throne’.

This game involves:

  • One floatie in the pool’s center.
  • Players trying to sit on the floatie.
  • The ‘king’ trying to stay on while others attempt to dethrone him.
  • The last person on the floatie wins.

It’s a playful, splash-filled contest full of laughs.

Get ready to rule the pool!

Fun Pool Party Games

Ready to make a splash? With these 25 pool party games, you’re all set to plunge into fun.

Four people in swimsuits relax in a pool on inflatable tubes, raising bottles in a toast. They are in a sunny outdoor setting with green shrubs in the background.

Whether you’re the King of the Floatie Throne or ready to toss water balloons there’s a wave of excitement waiting for you.

From Aqua Cornhole to Floating Beer Pong, these games promise laughter and good times.

Round up your friends, grab your swimsuits, and let the poolside shenanigans begin.

Happy splashing!

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