Pop Singer Kalliah Talks How She Got Her Start as an Artist

The Sarah Scoop Show had the chance to chat with up and coming popstar Kalliah. She told us about her newest single titled “Think About You” and what went into writing this emotional song. She even told us about her hopes of performing post-pandemic and what music videos she is currently working on.

Catch up on all the details from the full video interview below:

Taking Big Dreams to the City of Angels

It is every performer’s dream to make the move out to California, with the hopes of having a chance at stardome. Kalliah is making this dream possible after moving from her hometown of New Hampshire. She is working on combining her love of visuals, instruments, and writing to create new music videos that we can look forward to seeing soon. She has big hopes of one day writing for other pop stars or going on tour herself, but always keeping her love for music first.

ic: Facebook.com/KalliahMusic

I always tell my manager, I do music to do visuals. Art tells a story so a music video allows you to put another layer of art on top of what has already been done. It is incredible for me to hear fans think something differently of a song than I did. You never know what people are going to feel when they hear or see your art.”


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