A Product That Results in Lip Plumping Without Injections

JuvaLips, a natural lip plumper that doesn’t use any injections.  At first I was skeptical, because it simply seemed too good to be true. I’ve always wanted that Kylie Jenner pout, so I decided I would give it a chance. When first opening the package, it comes with the device, which is the perfect size to hold.

It’s compact and portable, so I could take it on the go. It also included instructions, as well as extra felt pads and a soft bag to store it in. The directions are super easy to follow along, and it only takes one minute to get pumped up lips.

Simply place your lips inside the mouthpiece against the soft felt pad. JuvaLips then works, its pretty cool. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to place my lips, but I noticed the best results when puckering into JuvaLips.

I would also make sure you apply lip balm prior to using it to avoid drying your lips out. JuvaLips literally works like a suction cup. Pain free and injection free. One minute later, my lips looked fuller. 

After trying JuvaLips, I will definitely be using it again. I couldn’t believe the results, and so many people complimented my fuller lips. It’s perfect for those days I need an extra lip boost.

I recommend those who wants fuller looking lips without doing injections, give JuvaLips a try!

Learn more about JuvaLips here!

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