Brittany Allen Talks Project Runway + Her Outlook On Life

Recently, The Sarah Scoop Show had the opportunity to talk with designer, Brittany Allen, to get the scoop about her time on Project Runway. It was fun to chat with her about her journey on the show and so much more! Check out the interview below.

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Auditioning for Project Runway

Brittany actually tried out for the show multiple times before getting cast.

“One of the things that I really told myself about the audition process is that if I tried to pretend to be someone else or try to be the person that I think they want me to be, then it’s going to be super exhausting to have to keep up with, especially after the show was filmed, this persona. I’m going to go in and I’m going to be me. And I they like it, great. It not, then whatever.” 

“So that was one of things I told myself.  It’s gonna be exhausting for you to keep up with. Just be you, really give them Brittany”.

Brittany Allen at a sewing table on Project Runway

Brittany’s Motivation

Brittany’s pre show experience was mainly working for other designer and she realized that she wanted to create her own brand and design her own line.

“I was dressing other celebrities, and they never know who I am because my name is not on the tag. I can do this for myself instead of doing it for other people. “

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Experience on the show

Once Brittany got started on the show, she went on win the first challenge which served as a huge form of motivation for her.

“I mean if you can win the first challenge amongst all 16 people, I can win this whole thing. If I could win one challenge against the whole cast, I might have a chance here.”

“It was a validation that you are where you are, where you’re supposed to be in this moment. Just ride it out and enjoy it.”

Model on Project Runway

Brittany explained that each of the cast members had a specific design style, something unique to her season.

“You are becoming good friends and then competing against each other. We’re a family. We compete because, if you watched the season and you notice, every single person had a distinct point of view. 

“Every single one of us was in a box that the others  didn’t even really tip toe in. It was just like we owned our territory.”

“It was hard to compare each of us to each other because you’re your own person and it’s so subjective.”

Having a stroke

Brittany suffered a stroke upon completing the season which made her really appreciate her experience and be grateful for what she has.

“It put me back into a place where it makes you appreciate every little thing in your life and even just the smallest thing of writing your name. You don’t know how lucky you are to be a able to write you name or pick up a pen like it was so crazy.   

“I never really wanted anybody to feel sympathetic for me because I worked really hard.  I’m. very motivated and independent and I just wanted to get there on my own. I didn’t want that outlook from the public and that wasn’t something that I really wanted to use as a story.”

Brittany’s advice for aspiring designers

Brittany offered some amazing advice to people who are looking to get into the fashion industry.

“I think you really have to figure out what you want to give the industry. You have ask yourself and figure out what you are doing for the industry that hasn’t been done. And, if that response is already really something that’s out there, then think about how you can contribute to the industry in your own unique way, because everything out there has already been done. So if you’re looking out there for inspiration, you’re gonna be creating something that’s based off of fashion that already exists. So. really, just be yourself.”

Competing on Project Runway

What to look out for from Brittany

Brittany explained that she is back making designs. She is experimenting with a lot of bright colors and prints and is excited to share her pieces when they come together.

“I’m going back to the crazy prints. I’m going to be mixing some really crazy stuff together, which I’m super excited about. I’ve got some polka dots and leopard and we’ve got some beautiful pink brocades. I’m also on something else that’s like a water color print, but it’s really beautiful, detailed butterflies that look like they’re flying all over the fabric. I’m gonna do some different colors with that”

“Its gonna be a repeat print. It’s just really,  really organically beautiful”

Model walking down the runway
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