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Psych 2: Lassie Come Home – A Hilarious and Heartfelt Movie

The TV series Psych is about a fake psychic who solves crimes along with his best friend, Gus. Much to the delight of Psychos, the cast reunited for a movie in 2017. Luckily, the cast blessed us again by returning in the movie Psych 2: Lassie Come Home. The film is filled with zany antics that somehow lead to solving a crime, which is what Psych is all about. “I know, you know,” that there will be spoilers ahead.

Lassie’s return was inspiring

The plot revolves around Lassie, who got shot and had a stroke. This hit hard for fans, as Timothy Omundson himself had a stroke in 2017. I loved seeing Shawn and Gus care for him. The moments between Lassie and Juliet additionally warmed my heart. Also, it brought tears to my eyes when Lassie got out of his wheelchair and walked towards Marlowe.

We got to see more of Lassie’s backstory

Lassie keeps seeing hallucinations of his father, who is played by one of Omduson’s close friends and the star of Community, Joel McHale. It was interesting to learn about Lassie’s childhood, and I laughed when I learned that all Lassiter men grow great beards. Lassie also got closure with his dad when he was near to death, telling Lassie to be there for his family in the way that he couldn’t be when he died.

Shawn and Henry had a heartfelt moment

The relationship between a father and son is a big part of Psych, mainly because of Shawn and Henry. While they have become closer over the years, there’s still an underlying tension between them. When they get in a fight and Henry comments that Shawn will fail as a father, this hurts him. I loved when Henry apologizes later and assures Shawn that he’ll be a good father because he’s better than him.

Great pop culture references

The sequel didn’t hold back any punches when it came to breaking the fourth wall. Sarah Chalke, who plays Dolores, references Scrubs when she says that she knows Shawn and Gus’s goofy routine “like the back of her scrubs.” Also, Lassie’s to-do list mentions Galavant, which Omundson starred in as the king. One of my favorite references was when Henry mentions This is Us, and Shawn says, “Why are you watching that show? They have the same show on ABC but newer.” This is a reference to James Roday Rodriguez’s show, A Million Little Things. Psych is also known for its obscure pop culture references, so there were plenty of them to enjoy in the movie.

It was as wacky as always

Shawn and Gus can’t help but be childish, even when guns are pointed at them. I loved seeing Gus hiding in a drawer, Shawn having a hallucination of Mary as a baby, and them fighting over a Bundt cake. The running gags they included, like Shawn’s many nicknames for Gus and calling him the “jackal,” made loyal fans happy. Also, seeing familiar faces like Woody, Chief Vick, and Buzz, added to the hilarity of the movie.

Shawn and Juliet are adorable, and Shawn has new visions

The plot twist of Selene being the one who was pregnant was predictable but pleasant. However, it felt a bit odd that Shawn went through all this growth about fatherhood only for nothing to come of it. But the cuteness of Shawn and Juliet’s marriage that consists of eating Charlie Brown dinners and cuddling in one snuggie made it hard to be too disappointed. I also wish there were more vision moments from Shawn. Although, the scene where he pieces together clues by envisioning the words flying off the case board was fantastic.

This movie is even better than the first. Lassie’s return seemed to bring everything together, making it feel like the Psych we all know and love. Here’s to hoping that there are more Psych movies to come! But for now, you can watch the series and both films on Peacock!

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