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Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review

Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Purple and all opinions are my own.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle I have found that a good night’s sleep is top of the list.  One of the most important things to incorporate into a successful night’s rest is a high-quality mattress. With so many options available I am excited to share my review of the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress. 

I have been sleeping on the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress for a few weeks now and am excited to share my thoughts.  Let me start by saying I am very picky when it comes to my mattress and have been so impressed with the mattress. 

About the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress 

The Purple Hybrid Premier is one of the company’s top mattresses, with the choice of 3-inch or 4-inch Grid heights. The thicker the grid, the softer the mattress so you can pick your levels of comfort! 

The biggest difference I noticed between the Purple mattress and others I have tried is how comfortable the gel Grid makes the mattress. With the deepest gel Grid and their premium coil system, the Purple Hybrid Premier is set up to have the most pressure reduction for the perfect night’s rest. 

The mattress contains built-in air channels to maximize cooling, which allows air to easily flow through its interior coils. The coils have an instant response to pressure, allowing the Grid to reshape to your every move. The hyper-elastic gel Grid immediately flexes to support your position and springs back into place as you readjust and move overnight.

The Set-Up

The setup for the mattress was simple. I have the king size and it came sealed in a giant purple bag. Inside the bag, it was wrapped in plastic and comes with a purple plastic cutter to open. I already had my bed set up and ready for the mattress to arrive.

It was sat at the bottom of the bed and then rolled out and once the plastic was removed it expanded. I really appreciated how convenient the setup was. It is nice that box springs are not required with the mattress so you can simply order your mattress and use it on its own.

Optimal Temperature Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress 

One of my favorite things about the mattress is the optimal temperature feature. I am someone that gets warmer when I am sleeping and I was happy to find a mattress that doesn’t have me waking up in sweat. 

With 1,800 air channels built into the temperature-neutral grid and breathable foams used in the vase, you’ll stay comfortable all night.  In addition to the stretch max cover, it is boasting even more stretch. That means the soft top material allows you to feel the full benefits of the Purple Grid, while ultra-breathable woven side panels encourage airflow which in turn makes for a cooler night’s rest.

Unlike memory foam mattresses, which are activated by heat, the grid-like pattern allows for instant reform. Not only do products with closed-cell structures make it difficult for air circulation, but it also retains heat which causes the cells to stiffen up. 

Support and Pressure Reduction

The Purple Hybrid Premier is fifty-percent thicker than the Grid used in the Purple Hybrid, “for a plusher, more weightless feel.” The 3-inch grid is perfect for those who change positions throughout their sleep, while the 4-inch Grid is perfect for those in need of more cradling support. The 4-inch grid maximizes the deepest possible Grid option, for a weightless feel. 

It is made of responsive support coils which are individually wrapped stainless steel coils paired with the Grid to offer dynamic pressure relief and support. Each coil is wrapped in premium noise-reducing fabric.

The pressure reduction provides support for all points of your body, from your head to your hips to your legs. After just a few nights you will feel the difference!

The Raw Egg Test

While I did not try this on my own I found it really interesting that Purple compiled ‘The Raw Egg Test’. Which depicts the notable Goldilocks trying to find the perfect bed. She conducts tests on different mattresses; a soft bed, a hard bed, a medium bed, and even the ones that can switch from soft to hard.

Each and every one of the mattresses caused the egg to break with pressure… Except for Purple’s Gel Grid mattress. It cradles the egg, making sure to support every possible circumstance. They put over 1400lbs on the mattress and the egg still did not break! 

This is the comfort level you will feel and quality you can count on with the Purple mattress.

The Purple Guarantee

Not only does it come with free shipping and returns, but Purple offers a guaranteed warranty of durability for 10 years!

The Purple Hybrid Premier offers a wonderful bed for less than $3,000, and up to $247 in free products. Purple understands everyone deserves a goodnight’s rest so sleep now, and pay later with their 0% APR payment plan. 

This lovely mattress will guarantee you the best sleep, and if not, there’s a free 100-day trial so you can take your time to find what’s perfect for you. I would highly suggest you give the Purple brand a try! 

About The Purple Brand

Two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce, decided to combine their specialization in engineering and comfort to create one of the best premium bedding brands. In 1996, the Pearces invented Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which could stretch 15 times its original size and completely changed mattress support. The brothers made it their goal to provide people with maximum comfort, at the lowest cost possible, and now Purple Mattress Brand is helping millions worldwide. 

After mastering the basic art of mattress comfort, the brothers couldn’t help but create more designs. The Pearces created such a variety of mattresses, that anyone would be able to find their perfect match. 

Shop the Hybrid Premier & More

I am very happy with the Purple Hybrid Mattress and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new mattress.  It’ll leave you feeling refreshed and well-rested.

When it comes to the Purple signature Purple Grid, the thicker the gel grid, the less pressure you’ll feel.  If you are a sleeper that is looking for a light, “floating” effect the Hybrid Premier is perfect for you.  Depending on your preferences you will also want to check out their other options. 

The Purple Hybrid Mattress offers more breathable, responsive support thanks to a combination of the 2″ gel Grid and wrapped stainless steel coils.  The Purple Mattress is the signature 2″ gel Grid pairs with dual-layered comfort foam to give you just the right mix of support and flex.

No matter which one you choose you will get a dreamy night’s rest and wake up ready to take on the day! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.