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3 Reasons Why You Have to See ‘Puzzle’ + Movie Review

Puzzle is an absolute must-see film! Find out what three pieces make it special in this Puzzle movie review!

Puzzle follows Agnes (Kelly Macdonald), a wife and mother of two who has spent her entire life caring for everyone but herself. Agnes quickly develops a love for jigsaw puzzle competitions. Through the simple act of completing a puzzle, and with help from her competition partner Robert (Irrfan Khan), Agnes is able to step outside of her everyday world.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone! So what makes Puzzle a movie you don’t want to miss?

The Characters

There are many aspects of the film that you’ll be able to relate to in different ways. What really makes Puzzle unique are its characters. You’ll find yourself rooting for every character for different reasons throughout the film.

The Acting

Kelly Macdonald gives an amazing performance! Macdonald brings a certain innocence to Agnes, and both Irrfan Khan and David Denman give strong performances that help shape Agnes’s life.  You’ll fall in love with Agnes as you clearly see her become more accepting of herself.

The Ending

Puzzle is the kind of film that makes a direct impact on your life. The ending is so refreshing as it’s completely different from most love stories. It’s truly a remarkable ending that will stick with you long after you’ve finished the film. You don’t want to miss this amazing film!

See Puzzle in theaters now!

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