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‘Queer Eye’ Season 5 Is Absolutely Fabulous And Inspires Empathy- Review

Queer Eye season 5 premiered Friday, June 5, and as usual, it brought its charm along with it. We join our fabulous hosts and a new cast of heroes for an amazingly sentimental season. This time in Philadelphia, we got a wide range of new stories and powerful statements. Though we ended the first episode with a gloomy goodbye to the team dog, Bruley, there are enough episodes to make the heart expand with empathy.

You would think after 4 seasons of the same format, this show would get old, but that isn’t the case at all! Much like it’s previous seasons, each episode remains fresh and truly sentimental. After binging the series, I fell in love all over again with our vibrant hosts and the new cast of heroes the season brings.

Each episode begins as it always does, with an introduction of the episode’s hero. Then we get to see the Fab 5 and said hero meet, and from there it is nothing but fun! But why does this season succeed? It’s simple: the sentiment is strong.

Now more than ever, we need to be empathetic. With the world around us experiencing a change like no other, everyone should learn how to care for the stranger next to us. No one really knows the stories of others and the struggles they face. Instead of dismissing one another, we should try to understand each other. It’s both beneficial and interesting to learn about problems that we may not always consider. It is how we grow and gain sympathy.

Queer Eye season 5 gives its audience a chance to really know its heroes. Hearing each individual’s story makes us inspired to grow. Seeing people who have a difficult time eventually overcome their struggles makes us empathize with them. And if we can understand someone on TV, then we can understand one another IRL.

Empathetic Episodes

Every episode of Queer Eye season 5 has its own charm and makes the heart grow. Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

“Groomer Has It” follows Rahanna and her business, Stylish Pooch. The Fab 5 seek not only to help her, but her business as well. It’s impossible to not cheer for Rahanna and her business the entire time. It fills hearts with glee as we see the episode’s hero achieve her dreams and expand her doggy grooming business, especially when her parents become active in her life. The ending is so inspiring and hopeful. It’s guaranteed to leave you with a wide smile.

“Father of the Bride” is about Kevin, a father preparing for his daughter’s wedding. This episode shows an amazing father-daughter bond. It’s inspiring to watch Kevin’s confidence grow in time for such a special day. We audibly “aww” when we see him walk her down the aisle at the end.

The hero featured in episode “Paging Dr. Yi” is mom, Lilly Yi. A first-generation Korean-American, who lacks confidence despite all her amazing accomplishments. It is hopeful to see her eventually gain more confidence through the inner and outer makeovers that the Fab 5 gives her! Like the other heroes, we keep cheering for her because we know she absolutely has it.

‘Queer Eye’ Season 5, The Final Verdict

It’s truly impossible to dislike this season. Despite a format we’ve all seen before, this fifth season of Queer Eye begins and ends strong. This season gives us its usual charisma plus the kindness that we need during a challenging time like this. It lives up to its previous seasons perfectly. I couldn’t recommend a watch more enough. We all need a boost of inspiration and we all need to strengthen our empathy skills.

This season is guaranteed to be just what everyone needs now. Learn not just how to make an amazing dish or how to wear a certain top, but also how to build your own confidence alongside these heroes.

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