Quibi’s “Royalties”- 5 Reasons Why You Have To Watch This Show

The six episodes of the show Royalties are out now on the streaming platform Quibi. This satirical comedy series is about two emerging songwriters–namely, Sara (Kether Donohue) and Pierce (Darren Criss), both of who are trying to make it in the music industry. Each episode is ten minutes long. Here are five reasons to watch this incredible new show:


1. It Stars Darren Criss

First of all, people may know Emmy winning actor Darren Criss from American Crime Story, Glee, or the Netflix show Hollywood. For some, they know him from his Broadway appearances. For others, they know him for his involvement with the YouTube sensation Team StarKid. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: Royalties shows off his many abilities, including his singing and songwriting skills.

2. It Includes Amazing Guest Stars

Also, the entire cast is star-studded. For example, Mark Hamill plays a country singer who does not want to be caged. John Stamos shows up, too, as the sly songwriter Elliot who puts a pile of pickles on his hot dogs. Moreover, Tony Revolori from Spider-Man: Homecoming has a recurring role as Sara and Pierce’s friend who works in the recording studio. Other actors in upcoming episodes of Royalties include Jordan Fisher, Sabrina Carpenter, Julianne Hough, and Jennifer Coolidge.

3. It Involves StarKid Writers and Actors

Furthermore, Matt and Nick Lang, who are founders of the theatre company StarKid, are an incredible writing team. Many of their musical productions released on Youtube parody beloved films and books, such as the Harry Potter series. Indeed, their satire writing abilities shine through in this show, as it parodies many genres of music. A few other familiar faces from StarKid musicals pop up throughout the series, much to the delight of fans.


4. Amy Heckerling Directs the Series

Not interested in this show? As if! Amy Heckerling, who directed Clueless and many other films, is also at the helm of Royalties. Her fun and upbeat style is certainly reflected in the show, thereby keeping us entertained in every episode.


5. It Features Original Songs

Finally, do you need some new songs to listen to? If so, Royalties has got you covered. The soundtrack includes twelve original songs written by Darren Criss that are sung by many famous celebrities. You can listen to the first five songs on Spotify and Amazon Music, or, alternatively, you can check them out on Darren Criss’ YouTube channel. Be prepared to laugh and dance along to these hit songs.


Overall, Royalties is shaping up to be a refreshingly hilarious and quirky comedy. The first five episodes of the series are out now on Quibi. The new streaming service that specializes in short-form storytelling has many incredible series with big-name actors. In short (pun intended), we can’t wait for the next four episodes of Quibi’s Royalties to premiere!

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