3 Quick & Easy Fixes To Help You Look Healthier

Looking healthy and feeling healthy are often completely linked. It’s hard to ‘fake’ looking healthy, unless you’re willing to apply a perfect amount of foundational makeup each and every day, and never let your guard down. No, the best way forward here is to feel healthy, and that cannot be faked either. This means taking an appropriate attitude to your diet and health, but also becoming notified of a few helpful fixes you can apply at this present moment.

After all, sometimes it might be that you do need a little extra helping hand to look your best when applying a healthy lifestyle. This is because it does take your body a little extra time to acclimate and look radiant, especially if you had been living less-than-ideally beforehand.

These quick fixes will help you look more healthy and radiant, no matter who you are.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth are a heavily under-appreciated contributor to the overall aesthetic you have. People like when you genuinely smile for them, and they’re likely to repay that effort in kind. However, if your teeth are yellowed or somewhat deficient, this can have the opposite intended effect. It’s hard to ‘lie’ about your dental health, so smiling at people truly signifies to another how healthy you are. It might be that you finally begin to quit smoking, using patches, a vape or another form of proven improvement. It might be lessening your consuming of black coffee. Then, using a teeth whitening kit from Pearly Whites can help you reset your teeth whiteness and undo the color damage that has taken place over years. The next time you smile will be radiant and will truly make that person in your presence feel special.


Drink more water. You would be astonished at how well this contributes to your skin and hair health, especially if you usually have clogged pores. Water is the elixir of life, and you need to be drinking it. About 2L a day for a healthy adult is about right, but listen to your body and try to ascertain your needs. If you find yourself drinking many sugary drinks, too much tea or coffee, or alcohol for that matter, your body is likely gasping for a good, wholesome glass of water. If you’re not a fan of tap water you can purchase a relatively cheap water filter to remove the taste and add crispness. UV filtered water bottles are often sold in crates for a measly amount of dollars if you dislike the idea of carrying around a flask.

No matter your height, weight, gender, sexual orientation, race, intelligence, physical ability or social status, you need a clean and regular supply of water throughout the day. Enact this, and you’ll be stunned at the results.

Abstaining From Health Hazards

We all have our vices. Some say that we need them to stay grounded and tolerable as people. After all, someone who is perfect is often difficult to relate to and insincere. However, this doesn’t afford you free reign to ignore the things that make you healthy. Smoking, drinking to excess even once a week, lacking exercise, eating too much sugar, not getting enough sleep can all contribute to a tired and physically drained person. This, in turn, affects how attractive and well put together you are. Abstain from the health hazards you know are ruining your life, and you never know, you might just attract the person you’ve had your eye on with this alone.

Looking more healthy and feeling more healthy both inform one another. Make progress on one front, and you’ll like make progress on another. But why trust us? See for yourself. Good luck!

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