Quick Fixes To Get Your Home Looking Smart This Summer

Now that summer is here; you don’t have an excuse to put off all your outdoor jobs for any longer! Hopefully, you’ll have been busy over last fall and winter with all the maintenance inside your house. Seeing as the sun is shining, it’s time to get outside! Ready to give your property some serious curb appeal? Here are the main jobs you need to focus on this summer.



Change Your Windows

Most of the time, tired wooden window frames can be freshened up with a quick lick of paint. However, if the frames are very old, or made of plastic, you could be better off buying new ones. Does your window frames look slightly dated, or you have wanted to make the switch to double glazing for a while now? Well, summer is the perfect time to install some new windows. Able Roofing Window Replacement are one of the many companies that can help you with the installation. If you are thinking about getting new windows, check the weather forecast. It’s best to wait until a period of hot and sunny weather. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of rain in your home! It will also be a much pleasant environment for the workers to work in. They’ll certainly thank you for not letting them work out in the rain!

Freshen Up Your Garden

While the weather is pleasant, get out into your garden and show off your green-fingered skills! Weeds could have started growing in the spring, which will need to be dug out to create space for more plants and flowers. Be sure to plant any seeds and bulbs before the weather gets too hot, as the high temperature could kill off seedlings. It’s also a good idea to protect your plants from pests and vermin before all the little creepy crawlies come out in July and August. The easiest way to do this is to buy some posts and mesh from your local gardening center to build a physical barrier between your greenery and pests. You should also prune any bushes and fruit trees now before they start growing uncontrollably throughout the warm months.


Inspect Your Heating System

Finding out that your heating system is broken just as winter is starting is not going to be fun. You could without any heating for a couple of weeks while you wait for it to be fixed. No one needs to deal with that when it’s starting to snow! So as soon as summer starts, give your central heating a quick inspection. If you haven’t had it on at all through spring, turn it on briefly and see that everything is still working. Some systems will have to be serviced every couple of years. If you think it is time to get yours serviced, give your local handyman a call and book an appointment in summer. If he finds any problems, he should be able to get it all fixed before October and the colder weather roll around!

Clean Your Barbecue

At the beginning of the summer, give your outdoor oven or barbecue a quick wash down. If it has been standing in storage for a long time, it could have gathered a thick layer of dust. Wiping it down with a damp cloth can easily take care of this. If the oven has been kept outside, then you might need to take a bit more time cleaning it. Get rid of any old charcoals that have been left inside and wipe away any grime and residue. As creepy crawlies could have been using it as a home in winter, it’s also a good idea to give it a scrub down with some hot soapy water. Let it dry naturally in the sun. If your grill is gas, buy a special grill brush to brush it off with.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters can fill with lots of dead leaves and other rubbish over winter. As soon as the weather gets better, you should dig out your ladder and climb up to the gutters to clean them out. If you don’t do this, all the stuff in them could clog them up and cause rain water to spill out and flow down your walls. Blocked gutters can also cause unwanted leaks. To make sure your gutters don’t cause you any problems, remember to clean them out at least twice a year. Once right at the end of the fall, so that they are in good shape to handle snow. And also around about now to get rid of any leaves, blossom, and seeds that are currently blowing around in the air.

Pest-Proof Your Home

I’ve already briefly mentioned how important it is to pest-proof your garden. Well, you should also make sure your house is impenetrable to small creatures! Loads of insects and rodents will be out now that the weather is good. And your home provides them with perfect shelter! One of the best ways to make sure you don’t get any unwanted houseguests is never to leave food out on show. You should also double check your downstairs rooms for any cracks and gaps between doors and windows. Leaks will attract pests as they provide them with a source of water. Double check all your pipes are watertight. If you find a problem with them, call out your local plumber to fix it. It could also be worth buying a screen or mesh for your doors and windows. This way, you can keep them open to enjoy the fresh air, but don’t have to worry about small insects flying inside your house.


So to really enjoy your home and garden this summer, now is the time to set to work on all the maintenance jobs that need doing. You should be able to carry out most of these tasks yourself. But if you have the budget and don’t want to both with all the work, you should also be able to find local workmen who will let you sit back and enjoy the summer!


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