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100+ Best Quotes from “Always Be My Maybe”

Always Be My Maybe is a funny and charming romantic comedy that navigates love and friendship with witty dialogue that leaves the audience smiling. 

This movie follows Sasha and Marcus, two childhood friends that reconnect after years apart, only to find themselves at a crossroads in their lives and relationships.

Here’s the scoop on Always Be My Maybe quotes!

1. “Welcome to Burger King. Flame grilling since 1954. Can I interest you in a Whopper? You can get it to go if you wanna eat it in your car and cry.”- Fast Food Cashier

Daniel Dae Kim in always be my maybe
Ed Araquel / Netflix

2. “The man who embraces his mediocre nothingness shines greater than any.”- Keanu Reeves

3. “You can’t change the world without influential people.”- Jenny 

4. “So you need to know famous people in order to make a difference?”- Marcus 

5. “It helps. Look at everything Leonardo Di Caprio has done for climate change.”- Jenny

6. “What has he done for climate change?”- Marcus 

7. “He’s working on it.”- Jenny 

8. “Start with the thing that can fly away.”- Judy 

9. “The only stars that matter are the ones you look at when you dream.”- Keanu Reeves

10. “I thought this was a high-end restaurant. Why am I the only one wearing a tux?”- Marcus

11. “Oh, sorry, I should have told you. Rich people are done with fancy clothes. Now it’s all 4,000$ T-shirts that look like they were stolen off the homeless.”- Sasha

A woman in red standing in front of a bar.
Ed Araquel / Netflix

12. “Sasha Tran… can I hold your purse for you?”- Marcus 

13. “I once saw Glenn Close order a pineapple sandwich.”- Marcus 

14. “You never loved me! This was just about business! I cannot believe I wasted my prime reproductive years on you! I hope you have terrible karma and come back in the next life as a nasty little lizard and get stepped on by someone on a hike! “- Sasha

15. “Dude, you so did that on purpose.”- Sasha

16. “I thought it was just gonna be Mr. Kim. I had no idea Marcus was gonna be working with him.”- Veronica 

17. “The company is literally called, ‘Harry and Son.'”- Sasha 

18. “Do you have any dishes that play with the concept of time?”- Keanu Reeves 

19. “You know what I’d like to catch? A hamburger.”- Sasha 

20. “Invest your money in lettuce. Kale can’t hold on forever.”- Harry

Daniel Dae Kim, Ali Wong in always be my maybe
Ed Araquel / Netflix

21. “You cute, but you dumb.”- Veronica 

22. “Just kidding. We’re grateful. Glad I wore my Spanx.”- Sasha 

23. “Best believe I punched Keanu Reeves.”- Marcus 

24. “Gene Wilder is a cinematic treasure.”- Keanu Reeves

25. “I’m very familiar with Chinese dignitaries.”- Keanu Reeves

26. “My eyes are perfect.”- Keanu Reeves

27. “Baby. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much.”- Keanu Reeves

28. “I never cower in the face of danger.”- Keanu Reeves

29. “I’m feeling an energy from you like you want to fight me man. So hit me, Come on, hit me. Hit me!”- Keanu Reeves

30. “You know, the stunt coordinator for John Wick taught me this game he invented.- Keanu Reeves

A man and woman holding wine glasses.
Credit: Netflix

31. It’s called Vice Breaker. It’s like Truth or Dare but a little more apocalyptic.”- Keanu Reeves

32. “Vice Breaker is best played at a pace, and you two are slowing it down.”- Keanu Reeves

33. “Whaaaat?”- Keanu Reeves

34. “Let’s feast!”- Keanu Reeves

35. “Men should be able to face their death head-on.”- Keanu Reeves

36. “This vase? No problem.”- Keanu Reeves

37. “Shh, go to sleep.”- Keanu Reeves

38. “I missed your heart. I missed your light.”

39. “See that right there is what it’s all about. Laboring in obscurity. Starving and struggling. The man who embraces his mediocre nothingness shines greater than any. To Marcus.”- Keanu Reeves

40. “Well, this has been an unfortunate turn of events. At least let me get you an Uber.”- Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves and Ali Wong in Always be my maybe
Credit: Netflix

41. “It’s $6400. Less than a residual paycheck for my hit movie Speed, but a little out of your ballpark.”- Keanu Reeves

42. “It’s okay. Thank you. I’m going to get the chariot.”- Keanu Reeves

43. “I’m sorry!”- Keanu Reeves

44. “You look like a homeless astronaut.”- Sasha

45. “I learned Cantonese. Better service.”- Sasha 

46. “I wanted to get a picture of your faces, you looked so shocked.”- Sasha 

47. “I don’t have a problem, Sasha. What’s your problem?”- Marcus 

48. “Don’t be a downer in front of Kathy.”- Marcus 

49. “It’s gonna be hard to give you an unbiased Yelp review.”- Marcus 

50. “I’m here to get you back.” – Marcus

A man in a hat singing into a microphone.
Ed Araquel / Netflix

51. “I started at the bottom, now I’m still at the bottom.”- Marcus 

52. “You’re gonna have to take a chance on something son.”- Harry 

53. “I look like I just ate clay for lunch, but you look amazing.” – Sasha

54. “I want you to remember every detail of this moment so that you can tell our kids one day.” – Sasha

55. “So maybe I’ll stay in my lane. Maybe I’ll stay in my lane and do my thing. But, Sasha, you will always be my maybe.” – Marcus

56. “Your band is called Hello Peril?” – Sasha

57. “Do you want to maybe come in?” – Marcus

58. “This is San Francisco. It’s like the eighth most expensive city in the world.” – Tony

59. “You think everyone’s against you, but it’s not true. You just have to find the ones who are for you.” – Judy

60. “I’m very happy doing what I do, and you are very happy doing what you do. And that’s okay.” – Keanu Reeves

Keanu reeves at a restaurant.
Doane Gregory / Netflix

61. “You broke up with me on Facebook Messenger. All you wrote was ‘Engagement photos look dope.'” – Sasha

62. “I’m a man who appreciates a woman who goes after what she wants.” – Brandon

63. “When life throws you an Asian mom, you catch her and you take her to dinner!” – Marcus

64. “My favorite part about my restaurant is the waiting area. I call it the ‘hangry’ room.” – Marcus

65. “Can I ask you something? Did you ever feel like you were too big to fit in someone’s life?” – Sasha

66. “In my world, you always have to be ready to throw down.” – Marcus

67. “I can’t believe you’re still dressing like you’re in the eighth grade.” – Jenny

68. “I’m like the worst Asian ever. I don’t know how to cook. I don’t play an instrument. I’m not good at math.” – Sasha

69. “You’ve had your success because you’re not scared to fail.” – Veronica

70. “I think I’m someone who needs to be pushed, like, a lot.” – Sasha

Ali Wong and Randall Park in Always be my maybe
Ed Araquel / Netflix

71. “You know, I’m doing really well. I have my own company, and I’m engaged to be married.” – Jenny

72. “You can’t just ghost on me and then pop up out of nowhere and say, ‘Hey, best friend! I miss you!'” – Marcus

73. “I love you too, and I’ll always be here.” – Marcus

74. “You want me to date myself?” – Marcus 

75. “Sometimes you need to date yourself to figure out who you are.” – Sasha

76. “I got punched in the face, but I found my best friend.” – Sasha

77. “I’ll take a shotgun to the face for you!” – Marcus

78. “It’s not a date, it’s a playdate.” – Sasha

79. “I don’t do dating.” -Sasha

80. “That’s your problem, Marcus. You always wait for good things to happen to you.” – Veronica

Michelle Buteau smiles at a man in front of a door.
Ed Araquel / Netflix

81. “I am the best kind of woman there is: a driven career woman.” – Sasha

82. “You’ve got a lot of love in your heart, and you’re so young, but you’re so scared.” – Judy

83. “Hey, don’t eat your feelings! Talk about them!” – Marcus

84. “You know why I like you? You’re quiet. You’re not pushy like most people.” – Marcus

85. “I don’t want you to be scared. You’re a person who’s destined for great things.” – Judy

86. “I need a cup of tea with some honey because you’re too bitter for me right now.” – Marcus

87. “What are you doing here?” – Sasha

88. “Remember when I said we can’t be together because we’d be too good together?” – Marcus

89. “I missed your dumb face.” – Marcus

90. “Well your plan didn’t work.”- Sasha 

Randall Park, Ali Wong
Ed Araquel / Netflix

91. “You know who doesn’t have a pool, Marcus.”- Sasha 

92. “Your phone voice, you know that voice you use when you’re on the phone.”- Marcus 

93. “Well, Jenny’s quite the character.”- Sasha 

94. “The locks stopped working in 2007.”- Marcus 

95. “Please tell Jenny I enjoyed her, uh enthusiasm.”- Sasha 

96. “It was like being in love with a statue.”- Sasha 

97. “I never felt like I could be myself around him.”- Sasha 

98. “So yeah I’m gonna die all alone in a big house by myself in complete, utter, and deafening silence.”- Sasha 

99. “Oh yeah we’re crushing it in this neighborhood.”- Marcus 

100. “You make fun of it but your band could really be something.”- Sasha 

101. “San Francisco is my home, these people are my family, I’m good.”- Marcus 

Always Be My Maybe is a romantic comedy that captures the essence of modern relationships.

Ali Wong and Randall Park’s on-screen chemistry elevates the movie making it a joy to watch from start to finish. 

Watch this beautiful movie on Netflix now!

best quotes from always be my maybe.

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