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20+ Best Quotes from Bob Marley: One Love

“Bob Marley: One Love” is about the life and music of an icon who inspired a generation through love and peace.

This movie explores Bob Marley overcoming adversity and the journey behind his revolutionary music that still makes ripples in today’s music industry. 

Played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, he brings the Reggae icon to life, blending authentic family and concert scenes as if we’re watching the real Bob Marley on screen.

This poster features Bob Marley's iconic "One Love" quote.

Quotes from Bob Marley: One Love That Captures the Musical Icon Perfectly

  1. “When did you write that?”
  2. “All my life.” 
  3. “It’s a hit.” 
  4. “Reggae is people’s music.” 
  5. “You know, you’re a superstar.” 
  6. “I ain’t a superstar.” 
  7. “You can’t separate the music and the message.” 
  8. “You see, reggae music coming to unify people.” 
  9. “Not everyone likes what you’re saying.” 
  10. “For your own safety, you need to stop.” 
  11. “On December 3rd, 1976, would-be assassins invaded Bob Marley’s home and attempted to take the life of the singer.” 
  12. “Don’t worry about that.” 
  13. “There’s a war going on.” 
  14. “How can I bring peace?” 
  15. “I can’t even get peace for myself.” 
  16. “Sometimes, the messenger has to become the message.” 
  17. “Bob, I know it’s dangerous.” 
  18. “You’re ready, Bob.” 
  19. “No guns can stop this message.” 
  20. “I want the world to change.” 
  21. “And that time is now.” 

This true story of a humble legend will surely capture the hearts and souls of all who see it even if you’re not a huge fan of Bob Marley. But his timeless message remains clear and continues to inspire people today. 

See “Bob Marley: One Love” in a theater near you to experience the peace and unity that pioneered a reggae revolution. 

best quotes from bob marley one love movie

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