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100+ Best Quotes from Boy Swallows Universe

Based on a true story from the author of the autobiographical novel, Trent Dalton, Boy Swallows Universe is emerging as a real slash thriller for the Netflix audience alongside quotes about life.

The Netflix hit show, Boy Swallows Universe, follows a boy, Eli, that finds himself caught up in his family’s criminal dealings in 1980s Australia. 

Amidst a challenging upbringing, Eli navigates the turbulent waters of his childhood against all odds.

With a stepdad involved in the drug trade, a mother grappling with addiction, an elderly babysitter recently released after a 25-year prison term, and a brother who is a poetic clairvoyant with selective mutism, Eli strives to make the best of his circumstances.

Confronted by the harsh realities of life and imminent threats to his family, Eli embarks on a journey to follow his heart and comprehend the essence of being a good person.

The cast includes Travis Fimmel, Phoebe Tonkin, Emmy nominee Simon Baker, and Sophie Wilde, while Andrew Mason and Troy Lum serve as executive producers.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Boy Swallows Universe!

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Quotes from Boy Swallows Universe That Reflect the Realities of the World

  1. “Somebody call the cops!”
  2. “Wait!”
  3. “Life is really different when you grow up with a family of outlaws.”
  4. “Our mum is the best in the world.”
  5. “A lot of what my brother writes usually comes true.”
  6. “Clutch in, ignition on.”
  7. “Now you’re drivin.”
  8. “Slow it all down to focus on the details.”
  9. “Staying on the right side of the law is just like driving.”
  10. “Let Lyle deal with his own sh*t.”
  11. “Don’t take his days of our lives.”
  12. “Do you think he’s dealing again?”
  13. “Come on Gus, just leave it.”
  14. “We haven’t met before.”
  15. “It’s just the speaking we have a problem with.”
  16. “Is that you and your brother?”
  17. “It could be your mothers addiction.”
  18. “Draw me what you’re hiding Gus.”
  19. “Hold out your hands and close your eyes.”
  20. “What in the bloody hell is going on?”
  21. “Don’t lie to me Eli.”
  22. “Drop your strides.”
  23. “Stay out of it, don’t rat on mates.”
  24. “I’ll be back I promise.”
  25. “I’m sorry mate.”
  26. “Don’t do this to me!”
  27. “Don’t answer it.”
  28. “Who is this?”
  29. “My mum isn’t capable of lying.”
  30. “You two better not be down there.”
  31. “Make sure they’re safe will ya?”
  32. “Learn some bloody manners.”
  33. “He’s trying to kill me, Eli!”
  34. “Group hug.”
  35. “I’m sorry Frankie.”
  36. “Not much of a home though is it.”
  37. “So he’s not gonna flog us?”
  38. “Eli it’s late.”
  39. “We all do bad things sometimes.”
  40. “He wasn’t a well man.”
  41. “I’m going after him.”
  42. “I reckon he’s collecting heroin from your mum.”
  43. “Go on, have a look.”
  44. “Come, she’d like to meet ya.”
  45. “You always give up that easy?”
  46. “I say when it’s enough.”
  47. “Why didn’t you rat on my son?”
  48. “Keep your trap shut.”
  49. “Bring him back another time.”
  50. “The money is for your family.”
  51. “He’s doing this because he loves you.”
  52. “What are you crying for?”
  53. “Things are gonna get good, I promise.”
  54. “You ever wonder why you cry so much?”
  55. “Straight to bed ok.”
  56. “If it doesn’t hurt, not real life mate.”
  57. “Empty your pockets.”
  58. “You rob a bloody bank mate.”
  59. “We got a really good deal”
  60. “It’s gonna get better Frankie, promise.”
  61. “You’re so slow, geez louise.”
  62. “G’day Boss.”
  63. “You have strength in you boy.”
  64. “He’s sharp as a tack.”
  65. “Give me your arm.”
  66. “Don’t be scared.”
  67. “He can tell the future.”
  68. “Those skills are never gonna make us rich.”
  69. “I’m gonna have to explore other sources of income.”
  70. “It’s gonna be a stall of the fate.”
  71. “Read the bloody sign.”
  72. “I bet mum prolly knows too.”
  73. “Get in.”
  74. “They’ll be fine, go on.”
  75. “They won’t say a word.”
  76. “Bringing your kids to a drug deal.”
  77. “Like your mate Ivan aye?”
  78. “That thing can do real damage.”
  79. “You ask a lot of questions don’t ya?”
  80. “You’d have to ask Lyle that.”
  81. “Where does he get these bloody ideas from?”
  82. “Thanks for the lift.”
  83. “Just sit and get your breath back.”
  84. “Mum, what are you doing?”
  85. “Pain and pleasure, all part of being human.”
  86. “Hurry up, footys on soon.”
  87. “Open your eyes.”
  88. “Are you sure we can afford this?”
  89. “Can I ask you something?”
  90. “If you get caught you’ll be in deep shit.”
  91. “Someone’s always gotta pay the price.”
  92. “Just the way the world works.”
  93. “How do I look?”
  94. “Like a bloody goddess.”
  95. “He’s a valued employee.”
  96. “We’re going, you’re coming.”
  97. “Respectable is where you have food.”
  98. “Lyle probably wishes there wasn’t.”
  99. “The brother of one of his victims came after him with a shotgun.”
  100. “Everyone fancies your mum, Tink.”

This 7 part series not only effectively adapts the original novel, but also gives the story completely new viewpoints and layers by adding even more complexity and drama through the stellar acting, production, and screenplay. 

Boy Swallows Universe has something to offer for everyone and if you’re hungry for a new thrilling story to dive into, check out the series streaming now on Netflix

Best Quotes from the mesmerizing tv show, Boy Swallows Universe.

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